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  • clowne towne is so nice thoo
  • 💛
  • @ ThiDesRe, This may be what you're looking for?
  • got two tickets for the 8th of Oct gig in london that I can't attend. Face value. contact me
  • lol i wanna play gamecube with jamie
  • "the gamecube is on its tender buttons hide"
  • ThiDesRe, if you find the tabs, write to me, please.
  • много хубаво се приспива всичко с последното
  • ^^
  • This is a super vague request, but there was a thread on some forum, maybe an unofficial fan forum or just some random guitar forum on which there was a lot of accurate tablature for Xiu Xiu songs. A lot of which weren't on the usual guitartab sites, like Clowne Towne for example. Can't seem to find it anymore though so if anyone knows what I'm talking about, let me know.
  • I just really really like this mmm
  • ступид ин зе дарк
  • Понравились.
  • то что нужно для депрессивных няш
  • Любимая группа
  • Не понравились...
  • Have you guys listened to them play the music of Twin Peaks yet? Its fantastic
  • Очень... очень плохая "музыка"
  • new bandcamp, bunch of new releases
  • You guys are free to like your Xiu Xiu and Dave Matthews tho, I won't judge you.
  • Oh... this might explain it... I find Dave Matthews pretty unlistenable as well. '**What is Dave Matthews listening to?** Matthews tells us about Xiu Xiu, the experimental indie project of Californian singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart, who, Matthews says, Tim Reynolds turned him on to. “There’s something about it where you can’t put it down,” he says. “It’s like crazy person music, but it’s really slammin’ and it’s really beautiful. He’s a little bit precious maybe — and ‘a little bit’ may be understating it — but there’s something about it that I go back and I listen to it again, and I like it.”'
  • Most unlistenable band for me... which is probably a compliment, taste-wise.
  • Excellent and unusual.I like it!
  • God damn it Jamie now I have to scrobble a song called Black Dick
  • фак зе обамас
  • fuck the russians
  • s02731, :)
  • ieatchildren_, чтобы потом их съесть? :<
  • гетерасты, кыш отсюда >:c
  • джейми стюарт я хочу от тебя детей
  • блевал с этой хуйни похлеще чем с палёной водки
  • Вообще охуенно
  • They're fine
  • I'm 12 and what is this?
  • после The Air Force группы для меня не существует
  • no[2]
  • no
  • the fact of the matter is this band is actually pronounced Shiu Shiu because it is a reference to the mesoamerican city state of the same name which was at one point annexed by the mayan confederacy
  • can there be a xiu xiu dating app like it's all i neeed in life
  • Post-Rock on the main tags? Am I losing something?
  • love love love love love love
  • fuckin merzxiu
  • Omg they collaborated with fucking Merzbow
  • tags are kinda off methinks
  • farewell
  • experimental is all nice and good, but xiugaze xiu-d be the main tag


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