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Wolf Parade

Modern World (2:46)


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  • Love this so much.. That guitar part..<3
  • hmm i like album version better (2)
  • hmm i like album version better
  • 0:40 to 0:51 is musical perfection.
  • the lyrics are amazing...
  • ahh, time to get on my music time machine, and depart this modern world for simpler times
  • RIP D:
  • ew
  • modern world i'm not pleased to meet you, you just bring me down....... innit the truth.
  • spencers getting his sunset rubdown all in my wolf parade! mayday! i like it though.
  • i just love this band, period. they blow me away with sound perfection.
  • who cares which version you like more?!? they're both good. shut yer traps.
  • Love this version. All those that don't, can't appreciate raw awesomeness.
  • can't beat the album version
  • the best
  • a great version and it just sounds awesome in every way..
  • I like the album version better too...
  • I like the album version better....
  • amazing song
  • Yeah, this is one of the few that was actually improved on Apologies.
  • the live version is interesting but i think i like studio version better.
  • The other version is much better. This one does not give the same feeling of reality as does the other.
  • yeah my favorite part of the song. so awesomeeeeeee
  • I love when those acoustic notes come in about half way through..
  • Moi je les aime toute leur tounes! Live c'est encore meilleur...
  • not my favorite..
  • one of wolf parade's an awesomeeeeeeeee video
  • Love both versions...and alas...this is simply not the version that I fell in love with...
  • love.. haven't heard this version.. this is the 'club mix' stop hating.. get up and dance
  • kind of ruins an otherwise brilliant song.
  • Annoying
  • Dig the analog raw synth of this version. Love both, of course!
  • The other version is WAY raffinée..
  • this mix is crazy. i like both versions.
  • isnt somewhat self defeating to have a song use so much synth thats implying that technology is removing the soul from our world. The one with the video is far superior, darker too.
  • viva the american way
  • Yeah man, I hate the modern world.... (as I'm using the internet with my computer) Fuck.
  • intensely grave
  • no me disgusta esta versión pero prefiero la del Apologies
  • WHAT IS THIS MESS? This music made me defecate with disgust.
  • I love this version the best... this whole EP rocks
  • I forgot how weird the EP version was. I love the Apologies version the best, but this fits almost as well.
  • tres magnifique!
  • This one gives me a lump in the throat... beautiful !
  • a mi si me gusta esta version :D
  • Very Robotic!
  • I havnt heard the other version just this one right now and i love it
  • this version sucks!
  • i love their sound .. quite other worldly


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