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  • Enjoying a nice glass of Wino! Punctuated Equilibrium (try saying that after a few!)... great guitar work ---> will look at more of Mr Weinrich's projects.....
  • Fabulous, like all of his bands. [2]
  • Fabulous, like all of his bands.
  • One Word : King.
  • WINO IS GOD (2)
  • Aye if yer listening through her howl!
  • His voice and Jack Black's are pretty similar, aren't they?
  • Wino & Conny Ochs - Heavy Kingdom (Mainstream) - REVIEW -
  • I came here for Wino #3
  • Do yourself a favour and check out Wino's new project with Conny Ochs. The debut album "Heavy Kingdom" is simply amazing.
  • My dog bit a doom metal god
  • ЭТО РЕАЛЬНО КРУТОЙ САДОВНИК ))) Молодец Вино.. еще и душевный укакой
  • They dont play drums !?
  • New Project with new LP:
  • german review of "heavy kingdom" by wino & conny ochs at [url=][/url]
  • Well it's not in fucking polish, get over it.
  • 'Wino' mean's 'wine' in polish [3] but, what's much worse news, when you read english Wino it sounds like polish word 'łajno', which means dung... :(
  • 'Wino' mean's 'wine' in polish [2]
  • I want to marry this guy but… i'm more into Wino #2 though
  • finally bought adrift.. and I'm loving it. Wino is such a badass
  • everything Wino does is bad ass
  • Adrift sounds great...Love the album...
  • lolwat?
  • Listen to Wino's new project Premonition 13 here:
  • Bravo for Wino, "Adrift" is very innovative album for him, espaclialy after so many years on stage and playing with so many bands
  • Moody and melodic metal with a progressive flow and harsh vocals. Melancholy with cutting edge - Nodding Sky from Finland: - New song called "For Those Left Behind" online! Check us out!
  • Adrift album is excellent. Great cover of Motorhead, too.
  • Adrift is great. Reminds me of when I was first getting into music..
  • jp wino is totally ripoff of oasis.
  • I adore Punctuated Equilibrium... Silver Lining mmmmm
  • Adrift is very great!!!!!
  • Adrift is fantastic. Really enjoying it.
  • Hell yeah! :D
  • can't stop listening to Adrift !!!!!!
  • Wino is such an amazing musician. I am just astonished at how beautiful "Adrift" is. I wish he had been given more popularity around the general rock community. Anyway... Right on, Wino
  • 'Wino' mean's 'wine' in polish :]
  • adrift is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I can't believe how well he pulls off the acoustic. Though I really shouldn't be, talent is talent
  • New album is superb. Can't wait to hear it live on Friday
  • Just Received Adrift and listening for the first time, GREAT music so far !
  • New album is amazing. As is everything this man does musically.
  • Adrift is stunning.
  • Adrift!!!!!!! ♥
  • Brand new interview with Wino in the latest issue of Rock-A-Rolla! Check it out at
  • WINO IS THE MAN. not only he's a good musician and a living legend for doom or just rock'n roll...he's even so friendly and nice! tonight was good to share some whisky,beer and weed with him!
  • Michael Jacksonishy photo!
  • No, they are the two other band members.
  • Bow Down to the Master Of Doom ! WIno !
  • 18 September 2010 @ Incubate Festival Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • some german news
  • scott reeder !


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