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While Heaven Wept es una banda de Doom Metal Epico formada en Dale City, Virginia, Estados Unidos en el año 1989. Luego de numerosos cambios en su alineación, los integrantes actuales son Tom Phillips (Guitarra), Rain Irving (Voz), Jim Hunter (Bajo), Trevor Schrotz (Bateria), Scott Loose (Guitarra) y Michelle Loose - Schrotz (Teclados y Voces). En sus temas dominan las voces limpias sobre las guturales que usan muy esporádicamente en sus primeros trabajos, y suelen caracterizarse por canciones melódicas llenas de… Más información

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  • That band is so underestimate, that's a shame ! Their music is just beautiful and epic. Emotions so pure when i hear something like Living Sepulchre/Vessel or the Epilogue (well, all the Vast Oceans Lachrymose album actually ! ). Thanks for being so talented guys !
  • v first album
  • Death doom? When? haha.
  • another band who started as death doom and then changed sound
  • The Furthest Shore is epic, now sure how I forgot about these guys!
  • Can't even imagine skipping Introspectus. To me it's not a 4 minute wait, it is the beginning of the album :D
  • Wow!
  • Tom, thanks! I do always listen to all of SAA, minus Introspectus, for the reason of impatience... However good a non-metal intro may be composition-wise, when I want to hear WHW (the most epic Epic Metal band that I know of, and I've been a Warlord and Virgin Steele fan for 20+ years) the extra 4 minute wait doesn't do. Same could be said for the start of Wintersun's Time I. Speaking personally, I'd prefer shorter interludes between songs, sort of like on VS's "House of Atreus." Can't wait for the next one--hope it's not another 3-year wait. You guys are plain awesome.
  • Hi Tom.....the intro is a fantastic composition (Introspectus)
  • If you don't take "SAA" as a whole, you will miss the point. It's one song, not a collection of songs. The "intro" is the origin of everything that follows, there are themes and motifs that reoccur throughout the rest of the song. Thanks for listening, and no, it's not a Metal album...should be taken for what it is...that said, the next album is 95% Metal, no ballads, no acoustic songs, and being that it was channeled between "FOI" and "SAA", it is the bridge between them literally. "SAA" isn't for everyone, but for those on the fence, takes a few listens to fully digest.

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