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  • Good Life.mp3
  • Imagine buying a new Weezer album and hearing a sogn as good as this. STOP RELEASING B-SIDES!!
  • sls
    its time i got back, back to the shack...
  • I'VE HAD IT!!
  • shakin' booty
  • one of the greatest tracks ever
  • I've had it!
  • the funky dude that stares back at me is Disco Stu.
  • I don't wanna be an old man anymore
  • literally one of the best.
  • It's time I got back, it's time I got back! [2]
  • That bit at 2:42 is stunningly awesome [2]!
  • It's time I got back, it's time I got back!
  • I heart this song so much
  • Again I say......good vocals make the band !
  • 20% Cooler
  • it is 'screw this crap, I've had it'-- that or I've been singing thing song wrong since I was 16.
  • Pinkerton is a classic rock album. Terrific stuff from top to bottom. Just kickass rock and roll with Rivers' great anthemic melodic qualities.
  • Pinkerton is the perfect album to help get over a broken heart. [2]
  • Still love it, two years later
  • Pinkerton is the perfect album to help get over a broken heart.
  • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh check me out! haha, awesome song
  • I'm a pig I'M A DOG
  • it's obviously screw this crap, considering what the song is about.
  • I want sugar in my tea.
  • honestly never know if its screw this crap I've had it or school is crap i've had it - so many different lyric websites don't agree with each other
  • One of My Favourites songs from Alltime =)
  • school is crap, i've had it... Just one of the best songs ever written, love everything about it, from the opening to the softer part to the YEAAAAH screams, just perfect!
  • like ;)
  • That bit at 2:42 is stunningly awesome
  • First time hearing it and I can already tell it's gonna be one of my favorites ;D
  • what a shame why it turned out that way
  • Favorite track from Pinkerton.
  • Repeat and repeat!
  • awesome
  • my favoritest song ever. I mean it
  • Best Weezer song.
  • Screw this crap, I've had it!
  • 1st two Weezer albums were the shit!
  • i'm gonna see this get performed live.
  • ear candy.
  • I wanna go back! classic...
  • I want sugar in my tea
  • best weezer song. period.
  • this is Weezer's greatest song. More of a subjective opinion more than anything. I feel i can relate to Cuomo's lyrics about being somewhat reclusive and feeling a need to get out on the scene. But i suppose that's the real magic of Pinkerton, it has a Holden Cailfield appeal that makes us feel like we can relate
  • I hear chicken booty, I thought that's what it said
  • I tottally agree with this song is one of Weezer's greatest!


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