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  • збс сказал как отрезал)
  • Awesome! ARK just blew me away! Unbelievable, who'd have thought it? :)
  • New album is cooool !!!!!
  • New album is solid.
  • Rezension zum neuen Album "Ark" (8/10) auf
  • I wanna be ♥
  • three live songs from Amazon Front Row :)
  • The sodding picture needs to be updated. Dan is no longer in the band and their image has changed!
  • Dan, volta por favor!! [2]
  • Love ♥
  • Listen to Machine. That song is a jam.
  • This band without Dan makes no sense. The EP and Cutting Our Teeth were awesome, they were like a new and fresh Alexisonfire. Saw them with Thrice at Nottingham a few years ago and they were awesome. Saw them again without Dan and it was a mediocre and boring show.
  • New song! :D
  • Dan, volta por favor!!
  • They are so amazing
  • I loved those nothing good has happened yet days!
  • new record in the maaaaaking :3
  • I honestly miss Dan sooooo much
  • I've only listened to Cutting Our Teeth, but it's a great album. I get vibes of Alexisonfire and Funeral For A Friend from it.
  • Awesome band. Live At Middle Farm Studios is flawless!
  • I like their new sound (:
  • Which ocean: Atlantic, Pacific?
  • They've completely adapted their style now. Their Post-hardcore mood is what defined them.
  • I miss Dan, his screaming really complimented Liam's absolutely beautiful voice. They went well together.
  • Oh man, We Are The Ocean is best without Dan.
  • Awesome band!
  • The band is still as good as with Dan and to be honest, I prefer the songs where Dan isn't screaming. Don't get me wrong Dan was awesome too, but I just think Liam has an awesome voice and he was actually the reason why I started listening to them.
  • oh my god, they suck now
  • |CONFESSIONS| Respects! (๑・ω・๑)
  • i absolutely enjoy the way their vocalist looks like some kind of harvard professor.
  • ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ
  • I like the latest albums but nothing will ever top cutting our teeth.
  • new interview with WATO can't wait to see these guys live!!!!!!!
  • omg I can't believe they're coming back to germany! so excited :-) [2]
  • omg I can't believe they're coming back to germany! so excited :-)
  • They're still a great band even without Dan. [2]
  • Can't wait to see them in 12 days :)
  • They're still a great band even without Dan.
  • Great band! I did an interview with them earlier this year, see link below!
  • WATO needs Dan
  • <3__<3
  • awesome band
  • Happy Birthday toooo Liam! ♥
  • vote for new photo from their facebook!
  • Young Heart video is awesome
  • love
  • Haven't heard these guys in a while. I"m glad they improved. I haven't heard anything new since the first ep until now.
  • i remember when dan walked up to me during their concert in stockholmand held my hand, fucking amazing. or it was actually a silverstein concert but w/e. they were awesome
  • We Are The Ocean confirmed as playing Radstock 2013:
  • saw them live, amazing band! <3


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