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  • I'm so glad that these guys still exist, even after their losses.. What a great band with such an innovative sound..
  • "26 aug R.†.P. Piggy" Fuck you. I just hate to remember piggy is dead. :(
  • tfw you love a band so much but you are too poor to have their entire discography. Really feels bad man.
  • 26 aug R.†.P. Piggy!!!
  • 'Easily, the best band in the history of music' Kill yourself Dragoon104.
  • can't wait for a new voivod album \\m/
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • Hayden, stahp.
  • interview with dan mongrain of voivod/martyr
  • Why isn't "War and Pain" on top? I'm floored with the level of originality/musicianship on that record.
  • True, the only "thrash" bands to stand the test of time are Slayer and V.
  • I <3 Voivod [3]
  • Easily, the best band in the history of music. I'm a die-hard fan of them, maybe a fanboy but fuck that. NO ONE can MIX the music elements from the other genres such perfectly like them. NO ONE can CREATE such thrilling story on the albums filled with such philosophical themes (with the fantastic artworks by Away). NO ONE can INTRODUCE such dark, twisted and mysterious atmosphere on their albums, where you see the world by the eyes of your own imagination, where you feel the toxic breath of the angry machines on your naked back and hear the clack of sophisticated mechanisms.NO ONE have such unique sound which is totally inimitable and finally NO ONE WAS ever so creative. Every album is different, and every album is at least good. Killing Technology, Dimension Hatröss, Nothingface, Phobos... masterpieces. Bow down before the noble, post-nuclear vampire Voivod, which is rising from the nuclear fallout on the cold, sinister and enigmatic planet Phobos. To the Death!
  • I <3 Voivod
  • I <3 Voivod
  • War and Pain and Dimension Hatross are great. Their 80's music is one of a kind.
  • "Voivod and Slayer are the only thrash metal bands worth listening to anyway." "the only Thrash band that i like is Voivod" OMg you guys should get married!
  • the only Thrash band that i like is Voivod
  • Voivod and Slayer are the only thrash metal bands worth listening to anyway.
  • new track is some fucking sweet stuff, cant wait for dat new album
  • so much better than thrash metal
  • last album so amazing!!! tks guys!
  • I took some time to get into the albums from this millennium, but now they sound so impressively f awesome to me :o This is how to be old-school and avant-garde at the same time
  • Despite the fact that most Thrash bores me now, there early thrash stuff is fucking amazing, especially rrrroaaaarrr
  • The new song is so fucking good. Some of the best music I've heard come out in recent times.
  • the new song is good.
  • New Song is amazing! So happy they played it last night.
  • Hell I think I prefer them over Coroner now, who used to be my favorite thrash metal band for the longest time.
  • phoda
  • Coudn't agree more with the recent posts. Voviod are easily in my top 10 favorite bands.
  • ♥ King Crimson --> Voivod --> Rorschach/Deadguy/Kiss It Goodbye --> mathcore/discordant metalcore
  • Negatron and Phobos - so underappreciated, some people like talking shit about these awesome albums for some reason.
  • Easily the best metal band of all time, and one of the few I still enjoy after I got tired of the genre as a whole. I honestly can't think of better string of albums than Killing Technology > Dimension Hatross > Nothingface.
  • "Early albums really are thrash metal. But why the fuck the most often scrobbled songs aren't?" I'm going to answer you as a really devoted voivod fan: The thing with most of thrash metal fans, is that they seem to like thrash metal just for sake of it being thrash metal, they seem unable to find some musical value to the music they claim to like, as long as it sounds thrashy and band members dress thrashy it is acceptable, no matter how good or bad it is. Voivod is different in that aspect, people who really like voivod don't like them for being just another old-school thrash metal band from the 80's and you just have to listen to them because, you know, "thrash till death" and all that, people like them because they created one of the most unique forms of metal, a style they developed after their two first albums (Considering that their two first albums don't sound anything like your average 80's thrash metal record. War and pain is thrash metal taken to another level in my book).
  • For some reason Angel rat makes me so happy when I listen to it.
  • Rrröööaaarr!!!
  • Killing Technologi SUUUPPPEERRRRR!!!!
  • Away gets interviewed by a superfan and it's awesome >>>
  • the beavis and butt-head comments are awesome.
  • Pre-Ignition? The story of a pretty blue planet rich in materials (natural resources) and set up with robots to mine it until denuded. The fascinating vision of corporate greed is watching the swarm of robots observe stable work shifts, as if they're not disturbed by it. Musically the song is amazing cyber-punk (1989) with a feeling ice cold as the subject matter.
  • Where's Macrosolutions to Megaproblems in the top 10?
  • Rrröööaaarr is a total ripper and underrated! Like someone said before, that album is the thrash equivalent of Sadistik Exekution which is spot on.
  • кто не любит Воивод, тот неправильно живет!
  • The riff break in Overreaction makes me get out of bed in the morning
  • Ok. You got me. Early albums really are thrash metal. But why the fuck the most often scrobbled songs aren't?
  • Nothingface!
  • cyberpunk a.f.
  • @Slavo1996 F.O.A.D.


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