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  • Dilate = AOTY
  • What can I say? Dilate is nothing short of amazing.
  • Glass Lake. [3482]
  • It is great if the band pushes the boundaries and try something different. But not in this case. Vessels totally left behind post rock and now are focused only on some type of electronic music which I'm not a fan of. I really hope they will return to Helioscope era. That album is simply amazing. Tl;dr - Helioscope >>>> Dilate
  • Elliptic. [9]
  • Elliptic. [8]
  • Dilate doesn't sound like math rock
  • Dilate is pretty good.
  • Vessels was featured this month on Coalition!
  • Glass Lake. [3481]
  • They've hit the ground running with On Monos. Dilate can't come soon enough!
  • Elliptic EP is too damn good. Amazing stuff!
  • Wow, elliptic surprises me! They went full on space ape on this one! Amazing!
  • Coming from someone who listens to metal and hardcore, the post-rock vessels is really good. That's the vessels I've been listening to and I actually stumbled on conflict.resolve thinking it would be the post-rock band
  • Bandcamp [url=]Conflict​.​Resolve[/url]: So good coming out of Tacoma! \m/
  • elliptic. [6]
  • go away then
  • the ghosts vessels is the only one that matters tbh
  • elliptic. [5]
  • elliptic. [4]
  • elliptic. [3]
  • elliptic. [2]
  • elliptic.
  • In love with this shit...
  • qué buena adquisición conocerles.
  • named my band after their album Helioscope. so bloody good.
  • Listen to: Russian post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • <3
  • If you have some time, please also check out: :)
  • 2 tickets for Cargo tonight- PM me if interested
  • New vessels album is once again going to be incredible. Listen to this if you haven't already:- You're welcome!
  • Fist listen of Helioscope....just fantastic.
  • In case anyone missed this, you can download 'The Sky Was Pink' cover from here for free:
  • Wow turns out the 1st album is awesome too! Really looking forward to the follow up to Helioscope.
  • The Sky Was Pink is awesome! (2)
  • The Sky Was Pink is awesome!
  • The White Fields & Open Devices Artwork reminds me a lot of playing Crimson Skies when I was young
  • really cool band name
  • There's a fantastic Helioscope interactive video here:
  • Fucking beast.
  • YUKI
  • awesome music
  • Really surprised by them, I expected nothing...
  • unfffff
  • Not to be harsh but I do sincerely wish generic hardcore bands would stop picking this name up, this is the second fucking time now. Either change your band name or throw your guitars off a cliff and give up.
  • Ghosts..good solid album for sure! \m/ [2]
  • Ghosts..good solid album for sure! \m/


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