• + BEST IN HEAVY METAL - 2010 +

    21 Abr 2011, 2:34 de Coffinwood_Mill

    After much pestering, I've relented. Hope you folks are happy. Here is my Best In Heavy Metal 2010 list.

    Those of you who are actually interested, feel free to comment, criticize, and suggest any albums that you may have heard that I might have missed in any of the heavy metal or hard rock genres. Also, feel free to post your Best of 2010 lists. There are so many things out there these days, that I know I missed a great multitude of things.

    I'm open to any listening suggestions!, if you are interested in other genres of music aside from those covered in this journal, feel free to visit my other journal entries covering the Best of Neofolk / Martial / Neoclassical / Etc.(link) and Indie / Misc. (link) in 2010.

    Enjoy! :-]

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  • Lunar Hypnosis' look back at the fine music of 2010

    28 Mar 2011, 17:14 de JJM1

    Actually, 2010 was my off year for interest in new bands and albums on a grand scale, but I still did pick up a number of interesting releases last year, which you'll find listed below. [Note: All of these reviews originally appeared on my 'zine/blog, Lunar Hypnosis

    Act Noir - Shape a New Start (2010)

    Act Noir is a five piece band from Italy that's been making music since the late 90's, although so far they've only released two albums, an EP and appeared on a few compilations. The band states that they've tried since the beginning to explore a sound between electronic and rock music and here on this second album they do it fairly well, basically drawing influence from Depeche Mode and other 80's new wave/electronic artists.

    All of the songs consist of plenty of electronics in the foreground and great atmospheric synths in the background with rocking guitars and vibrant bass caught in the middle. The vocalist generally uses a somewhat monotone and melancholic approach to his singing with not much variation or range…
  • 2 or more bands on have identical name (Last UPD 01.01.2012 )

    3 Ene 2011, 13:40 de Food_For_Cat

  • Толкин-метъл

    20 Abr 2007, 0:28 de Cadsuane


    Има много творци, инспирирали творбите си от света на Толкин. В най-разнообразни стилове, от фолк, през джаз до блек метъл. Бих искала да обърна внимание на тези от тях, които са ме докоснали по някакъв начин – със звук, текстове, албум арт или концертни изпълнения. Харесвам твърдия, тежък метъл, музика която би подхождала на баталните сцени в книгите. Музика, която не трябва да бъде нежна и лирична, за да въплъти в себе си духа на толкиновото повествование.
    Любимците си Blind Guardian представих в брой трети на списанието, затова ще започна изложението си с австрийците от Summoning, чийто стил се определя като атмосферик блек метъл с епични елементи. Момчетата упорито и с любов навлизат в дебрите на толкиновите творби с албумите си Lugburz и Minas Morgul (1995), Dol Guldur (1996), Nightshade Forests (1997), Stronghold (1999), Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (2001), част от Lost Tales (2003), и почти целия последен албум Oath Bound (2006). …
  • Give me reccomendations!

    27 Oct 2006, 0:35 de Gvaz

    currently im enamored with bands like Burzum and bands with a black metal feel, like Leviathan and post-rock/sludge stuff like Isis. any bands that sound like that? or have similar sounds/vocals?

    currently my favorite song is Dunkelheit and i cant get enough of it. seriously. its great, and Varg is obviously an amazing composer, and i dont know why i didnt check his stuff out sooner.

    ive also looked into bands like Uruk-Hai, Isengard and bands like Xasthur but havent given them much of a listen. i also havent listened to much stuff by Mono or Pelican or Explosions in the Sky or Godspeed You! Black Emperor but i know they all have a similar feel and sound to each other, so i know i'll like them since i know what they sound like. (and also because people have reccomended me them before and i have heard a few songs of Pelican already. i have also listened to Red Sparowes, Neurosis, Mogwai, Cult of Luna for a few songs.

    but yeah, any bands like i mentioned, please tell me some good ones either bands with a raw…