• Der Hammer

    12 May 2013, 19:24 de Rissan

    Sat 11 May – Lichter der Stadt II - Letzter Halt

    Around seven we left our hotel for the concert at the Dortmund Westfalenhalle. It was a ten minutes ride with the U Bahn, and we arrived at the hall just to witness the last three to four songs of Frei. At ten to eight the intro music of two old German songs, Lilly Marlene and one unknown to us, were played and then the countdown followed for the last concert of Unheilig’s Lichter der Stadt II – Letzter Halt! Tour.

    In two hours Der Graf and his band played a varying set of songs from the bands history. A great setlist which was a lot louder than the first Lichter der Stadt tour of last year. Many of the ballads were replaced by older louder songs like Feuerengel and Freiheit. Although Winter seemed to be gone for quite some weeks now, the song still was surprisingly in the setlist and the video played along on the screens.

    After a slow and a bit uncertain start Der Graf came loose. …
  • angel

    15 Dic 2011, 4:17 de aimami

  • Crónica personal del ZitaRock Festival 2009

    16 Jun 2009, 15:56 de martinpulido

    La entrada
    Aunque la apertura de puertas era a la 13.00, larisenpai, Saramp y yo entramos a eso de las 14.30.

    Era momento de echar un vistazo a dónde estaba todo: stand de merchandising, comida, bebida, escenario, sombras...

    Fotos con Dero
    En la parte de la firma de discos, ya habían empezado Project Pitchfork.
    Como todavía quedaba un rato para esperar a que Unheilig empezara a firmar, decidimos ir a ver un rato a Tanzwut. Mientras yo iba directo buscando una sombra, una voz de larisenpai me llama. Me doy la vuelta y ahí estabámos los tres como pasmarotes, yo incluido con la boca abierta, mirando a Dero -cantante de Oomph!-. Increíble, así sin buscarlo, sin proponérnoslo nos lo habíamos encontrado. No íbamos a dejar pasar esa oportunidad y nos hicimos fotos junto a él. Joder, que bien empezaba el festival.

    Larga espera para la firma de Unheilig...
    Ya eran casi las 15.30, Project Pitchfork estarían a punto de terminar, nos tocaba ir a la fila a esperar. Este año, Unheilig estaría firmando dos horas. …
  • Sympathy for the gothics

    9 Sep 2008, 11:07 de walruzzi89

    Yeah, really. After my flirt with hiphop and a renewed love for folk, or anything that goes with an acoustic guitar, it's now time to make a move towards gothic. The leading band that I lean on goes by the name Unheilig, being an electronic Rammstein. Ofcourse that's a good thing, coming from Germany as a so-called gothicband. The best song of this band, a song I played (and still play) over and over again, is Feuerengel. It could be a satanic song, though I believe it's not.

    In fact, it's quite emotional music, more than it appears to be on first sight. Oh yeah, there is yelling, the atmosphere is really dark and the singing voice is low. But there is hope, in every single song. Maybe this is the deepest I will dive in the gothical scene, maybe I don't need to look any further. I don't dare to, afraid of what I will discover on my dark journey to the black spot in my soul.

    As I was saying, I smell hope through the banging bass and roaring voice, "LAMPENFIEBERRRR". …
  • Playlist of DJ Evangel VS Murdoch @ Darknight / Cave 18.03.

    19 Mar 2008, 12:53 de MurdochFFM