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  • This band is heavy as shit live, go see them!
  • Relacja z koncertu we Wrocławiu:
  • Satan EP opened my ears for UFOMammut, but Eve is (in my opinion) their masterpiece! It hit me immediately after the first spin, .... Ecate doesn't.
  • Охуительные пацантре.
  • Finally got to see those alien demons live two days ago, wow. They absolutely destroyed the place.
  • i think i am the only one here that didnt like the new album...
  • Awesome.
  • Such nice guys. I want to see them live again soon.. it's mind-blowing.
  • Here some fotos from the DesertFest in Berlin:
  • it has taken me a while to get into the new record, but 8 or 9 spins in it's hitting home. Crushing
  • Really enjoy the new album
  • Great new album that gets better and better with every listen. And luckily spacey as always. Don't know yet if it can get as great as Idolum, Snailking and Eve were / are.
  • Ecate review:
  • E C A T E ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Perfect
  • Can we get some more argument from Kivul and bobfoot? That was most entertaining. For the record, I'm taking bobfoot's side.
  • new album \\m/ hell yeah
  • Bloodchamber Review zu "Ecate" (9/10):
  • Live album is fucking amazing [2]
  • New album is solid as always. Dat guitar tone.
  • new album is a total bliss!!!
  • Ecate Is So Fucking Great
  • Besprechung von "Ecate":
  • OMG! Ecate <3
  • New album is crushing.
  • I generally dislike stoner metal, but this band is extraordinary.
  • Probably the most exciting and innovative doom band in the world. Really deliver live too, proper heavyweights now!
  • WOW.
  • The new album is going to absolutely slay!
  • Brilliant. [2]
  • don't know much about italian but: voglio fare lamore con te
  • You shouldn't probably argue while "tripping balls" because you are not making any sense. But keep it up though since it's quite funny to read.
  • bobfoot: why would I? Why is this band performing in a genre closely connected with psychodelic drugs and weed then? Your criticism would be well grounded if we were talking some ordinary heavy metal band which was not meant to be listened while high, but here we are in a stoner/psychodelic genre, where the likes of YOU are a minority. And all things aside, being high lets one put 100% focus into it, thus, weak riffs and composition are greatly visible. But the likes of You, gee, I never heard those accusations before! I Think you are just stuck up ignorant that should let out some steam and chill.
  • Kivul: Did you write that while "tripping balls"?
  • bobfoot: implying I don't enjoy music or that I don't know anything about it because I like to trip sometimes. Maybe if you tried to listen to the music rather than "o shit this is heavy"? Your enthusiasm of being sober makes me want to mock you too.
  • Kivul: Maybe if you tried to listen to the music rather than "trip balls to"? Also, your enthusiasm of being a stoner makes me want to mock you too.
  • Live album is fucking amazing
  • I'm slowly coming to the realization, that since Idolum they lost it. Yes the mixing is perfect, but musically it is really bland and simple, and vocals sounds uninspired, lazy and forced, especially when female ones starts to pop out, with those irritating noises backing it up, it sounds like the band is mocking me and making fun out of me for being stoned. It just seems wrong to me. They might be a great novelty band for people new to stoner, but there is no greater spiritual meaning to be found here when tripping balls. I will have to trip balls to pre 2008 albums and then post if they are passable or not, but now I can tell you, that their newer material is hugely overrated - there is no good musicanship to follow great mixing and production and weird noises does not makes it any good. Electric Wizard are kings because they follow up after their grim trippy production with actually good songwriting and talent, that sounds great whenever sober, stoned or on acid.
  • yes, they are
  • does anybody know if they are working on new material?
  • Idolum is amazing!
  • Valick: "I don't think a lot of people "get" this band." On the contrary sir, this is one of the only things I "get".
  • Heavier than a supermassive black hole.
  • Brilliant
  • If you will have a chance to see these guys live - do not miss it.
  • They help me code better.
  • good to see they play more in Europe than in their Hometown. come back to Turin!!


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