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  • Awesome songs :))
  • trve power
  • Dutspell, agree with you. Hoped to see technical speed metal stuff at the new album actually instead of another epic power metal.
  • Maybe The Heart Of The Matter it has an overproduction when comparing with the more raw and direct onwards (My favorite album)
  • Friday November 7th 2014 on AFM Records! “The Heart of the Matter”
  • Awesome band!!!
  • Looking forward to the upcoming album. Need updates! Can't start counting down to the release without a date.
  • Yeah I like this!
  • Great. Reminds me of Chastain.
  • just awesome!
  • that´s what metal should be! Excellent gig in Hamburg (20.Nov.12) - only missed "twenty-one" - but they had only about 30 minutes to play, what a pitty! Hope to see them again soon and with a bigger set.
  • Gig Pix Kamelot, Xandria, Triosphere und Blackguard Musichall, Geiselwind, 17.11.2012
  • Excellent live band, and that voice! Loving it. Will surely be checking this band out more often.
  • Great band. Can't wait for the third album!
  • oh!what a voice!))
  • The Road Less Travelled is a masterpiece, nothing less.
  • Warum steht im deutschen Wiki Symphonic Metal? Da is überhaupt nix symphonic. Aber is trotzdem geil :D
  • Great band and they were excellent supporting Sonata Arctica back in March.
  • Too right zan87...missed them in Scotland but just saw them in Dynamo in Eindhoven tonight...brilliant band, play pretty much note perfect for all the songs i know.
  • I honestly can't wait for them to come back to Scotland. They have rapidly shot to being one of my favourite bands.
  • They were awesome yesterday 8D
  • They were a great support act for Sonata Arctica and Labyrinth tonight.. [2]
  • I don't mind them, but the vocals are a tad iffy.
  • They were a great support act for Sonata Arctica and Labyrinth tonight.. The lead guitarists Flying V looks fantastic - I want to know which model it was!!
  • i hope i never listen to them again, i have listened to them today's night and i want to die xD
  • Kinda sounds like Hamka.
  • reviews "The Road Less Travelled"
  • heavily underrated band!
  • fucking great band!
  • Awesome band.
  • New review of "The Road Less Traveled", read here:
  • amazing
  • Awesome band! You guys left me a great first impression.
  • I really like the new album
  • new album of Triosphere is perfect!
  • awesome group!
  • Yeah they sounds good. Nothing new but very good!
  • "Awesome warmup for Kamelot." Warmup? They deserve a stage for them..They have a unique sound that smells like the end of 80's and above all they have a great and carismatic vocalist!...
  • Awesome warmup for Kamelot. It is good to hear a really good band that has just started. I hope they release many albums!
  • Even making covers of Wasp this guys are just amazing!!!!
  • Awesome! one of the best female vocals...
  • very nice gig in hamburg! i was surprised
  • yeah they were pretty good @amsterdam
  • Totally agreed with CVince9, great performance @ Amsterdam!
  • never heard of them but they were pretty good yesterday @ Amsterdam :)
  • You cant compare Tarja and alike with heavy metal or general rock or even with jazz singers ..For example Doro vs Tarja , cant be compare , their musical structure are very diferent...
  • I stand corrected - the best female vocalist along with Veronica Freeman from Benedictum.
  • What Insvims said; the best female metal vocalist today, unlike Tarja and her army of clones.


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