• News Rants 6 by The Angry Teenager (the return of)

    25 Jul 2006, 19:21 de jarock87

    Well turn my angsty Placebo records off and pass me that warm can of Fosters I truly am the angriest teenager on the planet! and I wouldn't be a teenager if I didn't have a problem with 'the establishment' so my problem lies with those contemptible bastards that are last.fm! Oh suuuuure the new sites nice and spangly with new recommendation lists, free tracks you can play and a monkey that does your dishes for you (well thats what mine's doing anyway- inbetween scratching mites out of his fur and rolling in filth. Monkeys are filthy as pets) but the point is I got NONE of these benefits because for some reason the powers that be in their new ikea-furnished towers decided not to support the humble last.fm players of yore anymore leaving me and my PC- which has had more virus than Freddy Mercury incidently, with NO UPDATES AT ALL. Through some intense research and a canny knack of ICT knowledge (ok, so my mate pointed out what I should download to me in the form of quite a simple link) I managed to get back in the game. …
  • Jarock's Summer Adventures (Part. 1)

    8 Mar 2006, 23:24 de jarock87

    Hello there friends, I'm Jarock, yes! Isn't that wonderful!? I occasionally pop up on here when Simon or The Angry Teenager are away down the public house enjoying a flagon of ale. The Ale up here still comes from nettles you know, one day I ate some nettles. They were quite crispy. Let me tell you about a time I went to buy some crisps from my local corner shop.
    It was last summer, and being the kind of on-the-go person that I am I was helping old Mrs Didsbury with a spot of roof tiling. She's a good sort, and so gave me 35p to go and get some lunch. 'Odd' I thought, 'you don't see many 35p pieces about these days,' but thinking nothing of it I headed to the local corner shop 'Anil's'. Who should I walk into but none other than former Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll buying a copy of Carvan Monthly, some doritos and a dubious looking pink tube (he said it was for the car.) Contrary to the opinion of the British media of the mid 90's, Tony's actually a thoroughly literate bloke and we soon got into discussion about an M. …