• Sonic Heroes Triple Threat Vocal Trax - A Review

    12 Mar 2006, 22:35 de XanderXAJ

    Title: Sonic Heroes Triple Threat Vocal Trax - A Review

    This is my first ever journal post onto Last.fm, so wish me a little luck and I hope you enjoy!

    The fun thing about music reviews is that they're so opinionated that there'll always be someone to disagree. These are partly measures of true quality, and partly my opinion, so if you disagree, don't flame me, go write your own quality review! =D

    My opinion never seems to be final either, so don't be surprised if my opinion of a song or album changes over time. You'll also probably see that I'm generally a positive reviewer, but there are certain genres I just don't get along with, as you'll soon discover. Sorry in advance if you like those genres.

    This inaugural review will be for the album Sonic Heroes Triple Threat Vocal Trax - an album released shortly after the related game Sonic Heroes in 2004.

    The album is a compilation of the vocal tracks from Sonic Heroes, in all their glory. …