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  • Machinarium is one of the greatest games I've played lately. The soundtrack is perfect, so relaxing.
  • Hey mate, great vinyl record. :)
  • machinarium soundtrack <333 love it so much!
  • the Machinarium soundtrack might be some of the most beautiful tunes I've ever heard. thank you most kindly, Tomas.
  • He did an outstanding job in Machinarium.
  • Great work, I love what you've done on the Machinarium soundtrack!
  • Bought Machinarium Soundtrack, one of the best game soundtracks I can think of... I gotta find some more of his stuff.
  • i'm soooo happy to find his music few days ago! this guy is a real genius, and his music is so touching and... original!! go for it, tomas! love your music!! :)
  • interview with Tomas:
  • Thank you for your wonderful music Tomáš
  • I love this...
  • Absolute geniousness!!! The games would not be the same without your magical sound enviroment. My daughter is so into your music that she does her homework listening to it. We wish you the best from California... way to go, Tom!
  • incredible music, check his album "pocustone"!
  • Excellent music Tomas
  • what age is tomas?
  • Since Earth Octave Lounge vol 1 I've been a fan of Floex. But i never guessed the same mastermind is behind the machinarium soundtrack. Fantastic music!
  • respect!
  • !!! 0||0 !!!
  • Pure awesomeness.
  • clockwise operetta has quickly become my favourite song
  • Chapeau Bas Mr Dvorak!
  • Yes Fleshgolem, thanks a lot! :D
  • Thank you a lot, Fleshgolem.
  • 5 Track Bonus EP released for free. Includes the song from the outside elevator and the robot band tune
  • and btw, this game + this music = M A G I C .
  • 10000000.001 really reminds me one song by Cinematic Orchestra.
  • bonus EP here
  • Amazing music, and game ....
  • Tomas, the music for Machinarium is absolutely magic. The game story and your music make you feel so melancholic and light. Pure genius! Me and my girlfriend fell in love with your work...
  • Thank you for my pleasure cause of music you made for Machinarium. Truly masterpiece. Pěkně děkuji.
  • Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful music you made for Machinarium ♥ I've been listening to it all day long for the past few days, I can't get enough of it, especially "The Bottom" track :) And The Glasshouse With Butterfly... Perfect. I used to stand on that level and just listen to the music for an hour before I got the mp3 album from the game :)
  • You are 1100100% awesome
  • outside "elevator" that is! Would love an edit-function to the comments, hehe.
  • 10000000.001 from Machinarium... so lovely. It's the song from the outside at the building side. I was stuck there for a looong time, not because of the puzzles being too hard, but for the wonderful music.
  • <3 machinarium
  • Machinarium! 10101000.001!
  • Machunarium's soundtrack is pure genius, one of the best game scores of all time.
  • Agreed !
  • Thanks for the wonderful work on the Machinarium soundtrack! Beautifully surreal music for a beautifully surreal game.
  • relaxing!
  • it's so good it never gets even a bit boring.
  • ♥ Machinarium ♥
  • машинариум - чудо, а не игра.. жаль, в официальном саундтреке нет песенки, которую музыканты играли
  • great stuff. love the game too.
  • это здорово
  • The Machinarium soundtrack is awesome.
  • In fact, the whole 11 folder is music... Thks for the tip Destructiv!!
  • there is more: If you go into your "11" folder in your machinarium directory and rename a file to *.mp3 you will find the song you're looking for. I think the one you mean is "10000000.001". Rename it to "10000000.mp3" or something and play it in your favourite player
  • The Machinarium soundtrack is absolutely fantastic, probably the first time I've actually appreciated a game soundtrack tbh. Loving Mr. Handagote :).
  • The Glasshouse With Butterfly !!!!!!!!!!!!!! listen it LOUD


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