• Review: Three Days Grace - Life Starts Now

    23 Sep 2009, 3:45 de FamousLastMCRmy

    Artist: Three Days Grace
    Album: Life Starts Now
    Release Date: September 22, 2009
    Review Date: September 22, 2009

    Disclaimer: Just to get this out of the way. This review is based entirely on my own impressions. I am in no way affiliated with Three Days Grace, their record label, or anyone else involved with the band. At the time of this writing, Three Days Grace is fourth on my all-time played list with 951 scrobbles.

    Review: Life Starts now is the third album from Three Days Grace. It is the follow up to the highly successful One-X. Life Starts Now starts off with a bang with the intro track, Bitter Taste. Bitter Taste delivers the hard explosive rock sound that Three Days Grace was made famous for. The track is most similar to songs that can be found on their debut album, and was a strong way to start off the CD. Following that, is the lead single, Break. While more radio-friendly, Break still packs quite a punch, with a catchy chorus and a song that it is easy to fall in love with…