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  • Where to start from? Ive been listeninig this band a lot but they've always seemed gardage Grief rip off to me.
  • We are the spark that lights the inferno.
  • We are the cough that spreads the plague.
  • We are the stone that starts the avalanche.
  • you're killing me dude! keep on with the sludge!
  • they love nirvana! here's another cover from last night in dc:
  • so good live!
  • the single they put out for adult swim is amazing
  • feral faun was a douche tho
  • Killing it. Literally
  • that bugs me. can't really choose between them to "visualize" the album
  • Both - one is the vinyl cover and one is the CD cover.
  • which one is the actual "Heathen" cover artwork?
  • Just set "Clarity" of "Heathen" as the alarm clock melody on my mobile, and now I literally start the day listening Thou.
  • Parę słów o "You, Whom I Always Hated":
  • I forgot all about this band ...
  • Can't think of a better band at the moment.
  • heathen is so fucking amazing... makes me fall deep deep into my chair... not moving any muscle
  • WE ARE NOTHING i chuj.
  • awesome
  • After a thousand plays I just found out how amazing their 'Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead' demo is.
  • Been listening to Heathen a lot recently. Can't wait for the colab record!
  • Magnificent.
  • Andy Gibbs/ Thou @ the Heavy Pop dvent calender:
  • this makes me want to punch shit, set my house on fire, etc.
  • WE AAAAARE - THE STONES THAT START THE AVALANCHE!!! one of the haviest bands out there.
  • probably a bunch of feminazi scum but I'm gonna give these guys another chance
  • "into the marshlands" such colossal
  • Philosophy Metal
  • I am diminished in the presence of vastness.
  • Check it out, you won't regret it! "No tags, just music"
  • @treeweavermetal Thanks for clarifying my second guess!
  • The Body / Thou – Released From Love (EP) [Vinyl Rites] -
  • Now I see through the illusion of permanence.
  • come to atlanta
  • Here is a great interview. It's a few months old but it mentions the scratch marks on the cover of Heathen. However why they did it, it does not say.
  • Just out of curiosity, but does anyone else wonder about the scratches on the cover of Heathen? Can't decide if they're scratches from coke lines or not.
  • vocalist sounds like the guy from Zao
  • nothing special about the Sacrifice. cool nirvana cover
  • the Sacrifice though. . . .damn.
  • The shit
  • thou is totally cool


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