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  • My kind of music.
  • go on tour pls thx xoxo
  • You ain't it! <3
  • sp1200 sounds awesome
  • Jel mostly, I would imagine.
  • who's credited for production on thefreehoudini?
  • i'm okay with the lowercase t
  • ...are more interesting than those who don't.
  • faggots
  • He's gone back on his old job. HAULING SAND.
  • Amazing
  • something something FEAR i am your president.
  • My way out of a paper bag might be the illest Themselves track ever. Needs more jazzy hahaha. :-). In a one prop sky eh ah eh
  • I would totally be all over Live III with CrownsDown and FREEhoudini tracks. POSSIBLY a dream come true.
  • Hows about those live albums? Wish they would have put one out for CrownsDown material.
  • wings and things and yes and yes and YES
  • I got you something soft for your head full of teeth.
  • Check out 13&God (Themselves+The Notwist)!
  • ONE MILLION PLAYS! Now go and listen to more CrownsDown.
  • Adam Drucker is one of the sickest MC's. I admire of his style and flow very much
  • Are you tired of all them dummy dummies talking money money with the gunny gunny?
  • imagine your fear of falling without learning to walk.... smarts but so does child birth ...right?
  • at last
  • YEAH. and this is the day we finished our demo.
  • it's where i was born
  • Here we are in Idaho
  • Remember kids, that's spelled T-H-E-M-D-O-N-T-F-U-C-K-W-I-T-H-U-S.
  • hi. i'm johnny cockrocking and i buy the them album everyday. oh hell! i buy jel and dose's brittle socks! yeah! those two are just plain exciting! me and my crew we're stoked off their innovation composition. and all the personal effort! it's like i can feel them coming through the speakers! changing words in my new raps! and even chopping up the drums! them for dinner! them for president! i can feel my quarters and pennies getting them haircuts! and potato chips! by jove it's like i'm one of them!
  • Doing my part.
  • sadly they never had more than a million plays.... soon they will!!
  • Am I imagining or they used to have more than million plays?
  • Just finished my instrumental Hip Hop album. It got some IDM, Orchestral, Electronica, Noise, Rock and many more involved genres mixed together. Its called Second Try and got 11 FREE Tracks and 33 Minutes of Music. Check it out and hit me up, if you wanna tell me something bout it. Mediafirelink on album page.
  • i'm really glad i'm in top listeners :]
  • i do not understand why they only have 56,967 listeners..... THEMSELVES needs so much more attention. they are the best in my opinion.
  • Why did I sleep on Crownsdown for so long, omgf this is perfect dose
  • got me through the last week or so. the no music does play in hospitals now.
  • far too good.
  • best ever!
  • The two of Themselves one...
  • Dose & Jel FTW
  • They sound like themselves...
  • ohhhh super
  • o.O Crazy awesome stuff.
  • <3
  • Couldn't somebody print lyrics from crownsdown or help me find them? It's kinda hard to understand it on air, with my little skills in english(
  • New picture new picture new picture
  • i can't find this anywhere. college raped me for all my money so i can't buy it, and can't download it anywhere. im so pissed :/
  • not trying to spam, i'm only spreading the word: check out my blog if you love good music:, it's all love. one.
  • Uh, scratch that, as both are now for sale on the anticon website.


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