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  • Avatar de 1000julys
    Jakob must have got his singing talent from his mother. ;) (2)
  • Avatar de Roncsipar
    The Wildflowers redirect here but huh?
  • Avatar de Roncsipar
  • Avatar de jessyrocker
    Cool Music
  • Avatar de Skitch107
    Jakob must have got his singing talent from his mother. ;)
  • Avatar de SSBN623
    so i started the wallflowers and as with the rest i fired myself
  • Avatar de bluesoul00
    Very underrated [2]
  • Avatar de IamFlood
    there are 5 copies of bringing down the house at every thrift store at any given time
  • Avatar de nostalgiamartyr
    Jakob's voice >>>>>>> Bob's voice
  • Avatar de My_Sharona
    Adore Jakob's vocals ♥
  • Avatar de lekve
    Very underrated...
  • Avatar de Hard_bottle
    the band is tight as life ...Jakob you are a Wallflower. Love your dad and you too.
  • Avatar de josefcorrado
    Que Banda Exelente
  • Avatar de StratkatBlue
    Just getting home from seeing them today (8/17/13) at the River Roots Music Festival in Davenport, Iowa. Lucky enough to be second row, center stage! Played a nice long set of old and new songs along with some great covers, and played 4 encore songs. Great performance and interaction with the fans, and I have to make mention of guitarist Stuart Mathis. This guy is fantastic! See them live if you get the opportunity.
  • Avatar de Concert_photos
    Jakob Dylan performing with The Wallflowers at the Time Warner Cable Arena on April 2, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina - © 2013 David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions Concert Photography Archives -
  • Avatar de shadowcollide91
    Hey, don't you think that the beginning of ''Misfits and lovers'' is similar to something? help cuz it blows my mind:D
  • Avatar de dm2150
    Really digging their new video for "Reboot The Mission"...must check it out!!!
  • Avatar de My_Sharona
    I'm so happy they are finally back and still have their classic sound [2] When your father's Bob Dylan you'd have to be amazing<3
  • Avatar de crownanchor
    Alright :)
  • Avatar de BBraveCMR
    GLAD ALL OVER! Really digging it. And I think it's way cool how Mick Jones played such a huge role on the record. "Misfits and Lovers" and "Reboot the Mission" are two of my favorites. :D
  • Avatar de Used2ThePain
    "Love is a country better served with someone." ♥
  • Avatar de Hody72
    The Wallflowers - Glad All Over CD Review:
  • Avatar de bangBANG_urDEAD
    Check out the Reboot the Mission video if you haven't already!
  • Avatar de jimmyjimbo
    Glad All Over leaked! Misfits and Lovers rules!
  • Avatar de MathianSim
    Thanks Dave Grohl for taking Rami on tour, that's what turned me onto these guys.
  • Avatar de JustBreathe94
  • Avatar de guilberme
    reboot the mission is an amazing song! brazilian fans can't wait for the album!
  • Avatar de FreaksShow
    [LISTEN] The Wallflowers - “Reboot To Mission”
  • Avatar de luckystoned
  • Avatar de Badfish33
    New album September and new single next week! Us 90's children are very excited
  • Avatar de zapiekanki
    Exciting news: A new album in the works.
  • Avatar de poppunknerd182
    They aren't more popular because they used to be massive.
  • Avatar de AranRyan
    Comeback album pls
  • Avatar de koorosh22
    not more popular why? [2]
  • Avatar de tolenuh
  • Avatar de PurplePostRock
    We can make tiiime, with One Head Liiight!~
  • Avatar de pietrov91
    being ultra popular ain't good neither :) they're currently working on new album, first in 6 years. damn that news made my day some time ago ;] can't wait !!
  • Avatar de cdax2307
    not more popular why?
  • Avatar de edwinarcher
    fucking amazing
  • Avatar de Slesar-int
    Check some sleaze/hard rock
  • Avatar de satanistrue2you
    I wish i felt nothing gets stuck in my head all of the time.
  • Avatar de mindismovinglow
    STILL one of my top albums. <3
  • Avatar de deadgrave
    ♥ Sleepwalker ♥
  • Avatar de donando
    asleep at the wheel
  • Avatar de IanCat87
    Criminally underrated.
  • Avatar de My_Sharona
    One headlight<3
  • Avatar de P-Werchowenskij
    to sue a group for using a name that sounds just a little bit like the name they have stolen from an other Band themselves. That's really great.
  • Avatar de lisajeanm
    Wallflowers=Awesome, Love Jakob's voice !!!!!
  • Avatar de rockitmiller
    Hey all you Velvet Revolver Fans! Check out SAVED BY MONSTERS! This song ROCKS! " Ghetto Booty Asian Girls "
  • Avatar de hollycoolie
    One Headlight is a great song!!!! I've heared it for a million times and I still want to hear it!


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