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  • Lonely Seaaaa <3
  • "Twist with The Ventures" is a great album, reminds me of my childhood
  • Super este grupo!! viejos, pero buenos!!
  • The Ventures In Space album is pure awesome. So glad the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame momentarily pulled its head out of its ass and recognized these guys. So many people would never have picked up a guitar if not for them.
  • i love this stuff!
  • suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurff
  • yes this shall do nicely for my road trip to California
  • Congrats to The Ventures! Man you guys deserve it! Luv ya!
  • I grew up with the Ventures. If anyone deserves to be in the Rock Hall of is the Ventures.Surf Music would not exist without them...period !
  • Congrats on finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
  • I only have Ventures on vinyl :(
  • Love The Ventures, sadly I have their music on LP format.
  • i saw them a few years ago, if anything- they play even faster now- they blew us away
  • Hola a todos. Soy nueva en esta pag y me gustaria me encantaria recibir noticias muy recientes de este grupo tan maravilloso como THE VENTURES aun viven? por favor emvien sus comentarios sobre este maravilloso grupo
  • ..but so great!
  • What a cheesey frickin' picture.
  • good ^^ aga
  • I love this
  • İşte gitarın kralları ve en büyükleriiiiCem
  • The Ventures are FINALLY going to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This band is to music what the Martin Scoresce is to the movies; they have brought us so many brilliant recordings, yet only seem to get a fraction of the acclaim and recognition they deserve in terms of the music industry.
  • viva la surfrock!!!!
  • The Ventures are so awesome!
  • great instrumental group that i grew up listened to & still do. next year will be their 50TH year in the music business & still NOT in the R&R HALL OF FAME.what a SHAME!!!!!!!
  • surfing is a wickid chill album! ride the waves mothearfuckers!
  • or you can download here: Best Of The Ventures 2006 -
  • Their Japanese EP Collection is absolutely amazing. That, and Live in Japan '65. The internet jukebox at pretty much every bar in New Orleans has it for access, and I still get excited each time I see it. SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVENUE!
  • Has anybody here heard their cover of House of the Rising Sun? It is so awesome.
  • You can find a lot of The Ventures at E-Music!
  • Maybe you can buy their songs. Maybe not.
  • hey man u guys know where can i get their songs?
  • I just started listening to this band, and I recongize some of the songs from old movie favorites. I love them already, very catchy music.
  • ikea this is not instrumental music at its best..note how i said surf turd at its best.....dont front on the bebop legends
  • My dad LOVES this band, he had a tape with this group and it was destroyed like 15 years ago. Guess who became his favourite person after she found some songs online a couple of years back. He still thanks me everytime he puts the record on. :)
  • They still tour Japan to sellout crowds. They have been playing together since 1958, not even the Rolling Stones can say that. Yet - The Ventures are not in the Hall of Fame! But it doesn't really matter, especially since Rap is now in the HOF!!!!
  • Instrumental music at its best!
  • frosty the snowman has a Cock, like in chicken
  • surf turd at it's best
  • ¡¡¡Viva The Ventures!!!
  • surf instrumentals are so underrated.
  • In Japan they were bigger than the Beatles.
  • thats not that many by last fm standards
  • 14 thousand people is no one?
  • indeed
  • No one listens to them apparently, but they're an awesome band nonetheless!


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