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  • In a way changed my life.
  • Electric Forest 2015 = EPIC
  • NPR Desk Submission. :) Like and Share please. :)
  • You should check out The Revivalists if you haven't already! They're really good!
  • Check out the 2012/12/29-31 show in Broomfield, CO. Is great.
  • OK. So I love jambands, but know very little. Is it worth going through the hell of the 1stbank center to see them on new years. Keep in mind I hate that place and can wait to see them at red rocks in the summer. What should I do?
  • I saw these guys at the OCF at night before doing dead covers whilst a thunderstorm was going on. By far the best jam band show I've seen. ;)
  • Red Rocks soaking wet ragin to Cheese. Nutttin better
  • Great story about The String Cheese Incident below:
  • Yes:):)!!!
  • The String Cheese Incident with Bill Nershi, Michael Kang, Michael Travis, Keith Moseley, Kyle Hollingsworth and Jason Hann at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium on November 25, 2011 in Asheville, North Carolina - © 2011 David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions Concert Photography -
  • this is possibly the worst band name in the history of music
  • brilliant!
  • Any Good recommendations for songs from these guys? Post in my shoutbox
  • I am from colorado and i claim to like jam bands and i havent heard these guys. where should i start? post in my shout box.
  • mmmmm queso
  • hellz yes this is awsome jams!
  • perhaps the only jam band that i thoroughly enjoy.
  • i only started listening to these guys earlier this year, mostly Untying the Not, and after seeing them at Bonnaroo, they've become one of my new favorite bands and have really opened me up to the beauty of so much other amazing jam music.
  • these guys are awesome
  • Ahh, yes, downloaded the 'Roo set, it is pretty damn tight...amazing stuff...
  • Best show of Bonnaroo 2011.
  • I likey! :D
  • @bosoxfanpw7 just listen to their live material, yeah their albums are pretty good...but its the life stuff thats the best.
  • Ahhh great band :)
  • I think I'd enjoy this all better live, in person and slightly to very buzzzed.
  • Dude I saw these guys at Schwas fucking awesome.
  • their first album, like you would any other band. ..or one step closer
  • Which album should I check out first?
  • I like me some string cheese :D
  • Woot. Scored tickets for Horning's! Really excited about that! I am also excited about the Contribution's new album Which Way World! I mean Carbone, Ferlino, Miller, Moseley & Hann!
  • i'll be playing some classic cheese on my radio show this thursday. tune in for a goodtime, more info here:
  • String Cheese Incident at Rothbury Festival -
  • Backstage with String Cheese Incident at Bonnaroo - + tickets at Concert Photos Magazine -
  • I wish I would have gone to Rothbury for 4 days instead of 2 so that I could of seen them. O well. I feel the vibes of these guys like no one else. They make it so easy to smile.
  • I'm hungry for some cheese on the east coast. Preferably String Cheese, but cooper cheese works also.
  • different jam bands fill different needs :D
  • Hands down, one of my favorite bands. The best vibe live. Smiling faces and dancing feet!! Keep on truckin'!
  • standard jam band mush. just listen to phish, the best jam band (but even that isn't saying much)
  • SCI is coming out with a new CD on the 27th of Oct!! Its called Trick or Treat and you can check out some streams online on the sci website! There is a sick Walking on the moon on there as well as some others. This is huge, go online and order the box set and you get free shipping!! Get this and enjoy yourself some cheese!!!!!!!!!
  • Anyone going to see the two shows in NY with Kyle and EOTO?
  • gimme some string cheese
  • string cheese rocks!
  • So good! Just getting into them now.
  • Rothbury show was incredible. never seen anything like it. Best show there in my opinion.
  • Their performance at Rothbury was one of the best shows that I've ever had the pleasure to witness.
  • Yeah they did.
  • shattered everyone's minds at rothbury!
  • Sick, SICK set at Rothbury.


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