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  • The solo always gives me shivers...
  • this is how rock music should sound everytime! [2] basically
  • This is one of the greatest, most powerful songs I've ever heard. Don't care if the Pumpkins are "uncool" when there's songs like this
  • pure lunacy!
  • their last great song (2)
  • everytime I listen to the the guitar solo I see God with his angels and his Reign
  • after 12 years, never get bored of this magnificent song
  • immutable
  • Nearly 2.4M SP listeners
  • I can never get bored of the Pumpkins, this song is EPIC!
  • Aaah so beautiful ... beautiful ... beautiful
  • Powerful, straight-forward lyrics with a heavy sound for being a love song. I'm amazed by this combination and how well it works out.
  • aaaaah que de bons souvenirs
  • uggghh so gorgeous, the music video too give me indescribable feelings
  • after all these years.... still hooked. [2] ♥
  • after all these years.... still hooked.
  • But for the last time, you're everything that I want and ask for .You're all that I'd dreamed ♥
  • just reading the lyrics gives me goosebumps
  • totally hooked to this song. ):
  • haven't put this on in a decade. damn. can't say the same for the whole record, but this one sure held up!
  • This song make me think in all my life.Just amazing.
  • amazing song
  • Some things were so beautiful.
  • one of their best, such a good song
  • Too many bands about that sound exactly the same atm. I miss the 90's.
  • Good times... :D
  • I loooooooove this song <3
  • This is just amazing, man - younger days
  • I'm taken back to younger days, and I feel old heartaches all over again.
  • \o/ \o/ \o/
  • I love the video for this song!
  • Love this song, love D'Arcy
  • i love this song,it's so pretty
  • THE best song ever written xxx
  • this is how rock music should sound everytime!
  • Yeah, this rocks spa !
  • dolor
  • <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lejos la mejor
  • This is one of those songs that when I hear it, just puts me in a really good mood. Machina is just a great record :)
  • classic pumpkins song structure. one of the stronger tunes on machina. i dont know why, but this song has always put my speakers through hell. the bass drum is super loud and it fuzzes everything else out.
  • long time favourite. love.
  • One of my favorite songs on Machina.
  • Amazing song.
  • MACHINA's best song
  • This song gets better every time I listen to it!
  • "You and me meant to be immutable, impossible. It's destiny, pure lunacy. Incalculable, insufferable." Amazing...
  • Love this.
  • awww :')
  • inspired!


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