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The Smashing Pumpkins

Rocket (4:05)


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  • the ending
  • so good.... superb guitar, bass and drum lines
  • i remember falling asleep to this song on repeat [2]
  • D'arcy gets me all hot and bothered in this video...
  • 3:00 yes. YES.
  • relax and fade away...
  • Great! So hazy. The mixture of Billy's vocals and the guitar work make this so dreamy. The lyrics are so great.
  • One of the first songs that I met of them
  • One of their best songs for sure!
  • great
  • you could melt some chedder with that fuzz.. good song...
  • Am 22.12 in Bochum: Know your rights - a tribute to Joe Strummer -- mit The Movement, Hotel Energieball und Northern Beach in der Rotunde.
  • Made my recent [url=]artists/songs I owe my life to[/url] Spotify and YouTube playlist. Consider joining these groups: [group]OVER THE PRETENCE[/group] and [group]I'm British, but I have this thing for American music...[/group]
  • I torch my soul to show the world that I am pure deep inside my heart <3 song never gets old.
  • Probably my least favorite song by them but it's still good
  • A+ wiki vandalism
  • I miss everything I'll never be... [2]
  • I miss everything I'll never be...
  • "I shall be freeee, free as these voices inside me" :) great outro! Also love that run through at 1:35-1:40
  • very cool song
  • word.
  • this song is mind blowing. everything about it is awesome. i remember falling asleep to this song on repeat when i was in jr. high.
  • @Parksey10 I wish I could love this song three times, and then love it once more on the chin.
  • I wish I could love this song twice.
  • 3 minutes in :D
  • “There’s this line from the song ‘Rocket’, ‘Bleed in your own light’. I wanna fuckin’ bleed in my own light, not in Kurt Cobain’s, not in Perry Farrell’s. I wanna go down in my own fuckin’ ship. That’s what I’m about.”
  • I still have the same point of view this song presents from time to time. This song makes me feel young.
  • This here is a good song.
  • man i miss this music
  • I guess Corgan is in the studio with G Unit.
  • My fav on this album, absolutely stunning. So quiet and sublime, yet explosive.
  • I just had to downgrade a bunch of songs to 4 stars in iTunes so that 5 stars would apply to this one appropriately.
  • This song blows minds.
  • 2nd [along with many others] to hummer.. great opening and last min or so
  • love SP!
  • I think I'm starting to get it :D
  • hope is a joke
  • The best of theirs, no question about it.
  • It took me ages to get into this tune, but once i did, i never looked back! i still know people who don't 'get it' yet, but I hold out hope they will someday :)
  • opening note is so sublime
  • Smashing! :)
  • Love it.
  • So psychedelic
  • I torch my soooul to show the world that i am pure deep inside my heart... oh... No more liiies
  • Can't...stop...listening...
  • great song. can't believe it wasn't on rotten apple
  • word , modbear.
  • when i hear this song, i feel like i should be flying.
  • the ending omfg<3


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