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  • The Roots also known as Jimmy Fallon's lapdog bitches.
  • Просто бэст ребятки
  • Известны, как авторы трека из футбольного видео, которое гуляло на телефонах всех школьников страны)
  • Great rapping styles.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów The Roots
  • Questlove's in the house!
  • shit how i didn't listened to this before THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME
  • One of the most consistent groups out there. So many classics. [2]
  • One of the most consistent groups out there. So many classics.
  • Talento é pouco perto desses caras
  • If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or what club I went to with my homies baby don't worry you know that you got me
  • I've lost a lot of sleep to dreamsssss
  • Damn, Game Theory is really great.
  • "i really adore them, but that the seed is by far their most popular song is actually an insult to what they did in all those years..." i kinda agree. But i really do think it's a great song but the roots are so much more!
  • I feel like TYSYC is their best since Game Theory. Which was the best since Things Fall Apart, which, while some consider that their best, I'd give that to either Game Theory, Do You Want More?!!!??! or Illadelph Halflife.
  • Gonna stir up the ol' shoutbox. The Roots : Still are Jimmy Fallon's bitches. Happy New Year everyone.
  • Black Thought & J Period Perform 'Fire' At The Boombox's 16 Bars
  • Getting to see The Roots everyday on Fallon makes life a little bit better.
  • De puta madre!!
  • The Dark (Trinity) is very deep. awesome...
  • in my opinion the new record is actually the best they did in a very, very long time.
  • my nigguz
  • I really dont understand their new album. Really liked undun, though.
  • i really adore them, but that the seed is by far their most popular song is actually an insult to what they did in all those years...
  • ... and then you shoot your cousin
  • well .. the last 2 albums are conceptual... building specific atmosphere during the entire album.. not for everyday listening.. looking at it as a whole imho &TYSYC successfully fulfilled its purpose
  • @KiDNaGi - thats the thing tho - there is nothing deep about the new album. I think it's aiming for "deep" or experimental but it fails hard. I'm sure that many people are scared to say that they don't like the last 2 albums cuz somebody is going to tell them that they "don't get it". We all see that they are on their musical trip, it's just that the trip has been boring for a while.
  • I'd love a black thought solo. Any chance though?
  • The Roots ft Patty Crash - Never (Video)
  • maybe sometimes less is more.. need more black thought? yall should be demanding for solo blackthought album.. wake up.. this is the roots on their musical trip.. deep stuff..
  • 5.5/10 for the new record. Not great. "The problem with ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin is it is wildly inconsistent. There are moments of pure brilliance, and everytime Black Thought graces the microphone you shut up and listen because his demeanour demands attention. Each character he embodies takes on their own life, and he alone carries the concept to it's end. The rest of the band seem restless, jumping around through musical interludes that bare little resemblance to the overall mood. More Black Thought please, the man is a genius. "
  • New album is all over the place, not liking it at all. The whole opera angle and then going "Whats for breakfast?? Cheeseburgers!!" is jarring as hell. That Black Rock song with Dice Raw is off key, don't know whats up with that.
  • Can see why people don't like the new album. Definitely one of the worst I've heard by them
  • NEVER is perfection. [2]
  • Review:
  • ...more of an EP than an album. [2] The length of the album is just ridiculous. The Dark (Trinity) is the only track I can listen to, the rest are so weak and boring.
  • Not diggin the last album.
  • NEVER is perfection.
  • biles is spot on; the new album isn't their best, but there are still some highs. The Dark (Trinity) is an outstanding track.
  • @IAmTheYan what a ridiculous thing to say. KingHeff is perfectly entitled to his opinion. I know how he feels, you make one negative comment about someone and immediately get shot down. I don't think it's possible to like an ENTIRE artist/band's back catalogue, especially one as vast and diverse as The Roots.
  • pex
    new album <3
  • the tipping point and rising down are great records, i'd say new album, undun, how i got over and phrenology are all of their worst releases
  • The reactions really remind me of what people were like after Tipping Point was released. Perhaps we shouldn't prematurely announce the end of the world because of one underwhelming album. With the Roots, it's always been about the journey, not a single destination. I consider the new album a step down from Undun and HIGO, but I'm still happy they released it and enjoy it for what it is. It's like a kid. There's highs, there's lows but you love them regardless and enjoy the ride. I know they'll be back with more albums in the near future -- maybe their best yet. If the Roots discography has showed us anything is that they know how to reel you back in after a polarizing release (Phren, TTP, RD)
  • The Roots had a great run, especially for a hip-hop group, let alone a group that released their first album 21 years ago. Ever since I heard How I Got Over I was sure that there is something wrong (even tho I didn't "hate" the album) there. The next few albums with RnB/soul/blues artists were all forgettable and finally we had Undun and …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin - two really meh albums with hardly any replay value. It's good that they are trying new things and it's perfectly understandable but it just doesn't work for me and honestly, it sounds messy and cheap.
  • Game Theory and undun are their best works.
  • lmao, not contributing to discourse and making banal, worthless comments like yours actually is pretty pointless, thanks for your (lack of) opinion, this is why i stopped commenting on this site a while back actually. (we actually have 'high' compatibility too), the roots are one of my favorite groups ever, so don't mistake my opinions for ignorance.
  • damn KingHeff it's real cool how you got your fingers to just spew forth endless piles of worthless shit like that
  • rising down is beyond a shadow of a doubt better than the new album and undun like....that's unfathomable to me to even consider. how i got over is definitely weak as shit, there's no denying that at all, but i listened to undun like twice and it has zero replay value for me after that.
  • I didn't think Undun was trash, in fact it's their best album since Game Theory (Rising Down and How I Got Over were both pretty underwhelming). I'd put &TYSYC somewhere in the middle, between Phrenology and The Tipping Point.
  • v agree completely


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