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  • Opeth Wannabees
  • can't believe that they're touring. I'm so happy.
  • Альбомов навалом, а толк от этой группы непонятен.
  • gpovno iz sraki
  • @OneDrunkWalking It was fun to speculate that they might be pop stars in disguise (I remember once reading a compelling argument that they were actually The Beatles back together and making the weird music they wanted to make in the 60s but couldn't because of the monstrous money machine "The Beatles" was as a brand) but I never actually believed it or anything, and my feelings re: the "mystery" are more in line with what you said at the end of your shout: I never really wanted to know who they were because it was more fun not knowing and I'm one who feels the point of not sharing their identities publicly was more a statement on the idea that they could be anyone/their identities weren't important, it was their art that was important. Really the question of who they were/are only really appealed to me very early on in my exploration of their music and that curiosity was quickly replaced by (mostly) admiration for the (mostly) interesting and unique music they've made.
  • Yeah, but it is still pretty obvious, and has been for years. For me, their music (until 1982) still holds up, and I am not in need of their 'gimmick' to appreciate those perfect 1st 10 years.
  • Hey Mister Junior, I know we are last Fm "co-followers", but friends can disagree from time to time, and I gotta go against your "not that it matters" conclusion: wasn't that one of the biggest parts of their mystique, I could almost say "gimmick", that their True Names would never be revealed, and that they would forever throw the audiences stare back at us, creepy, unblinking, and identity-less?
  • It seems pretty obvious by now that the band members are Homer Flynn and Hardy Fox and in the past included John Kennedy and Jay Clem. Not that it matters.
  • Residents members identities revealed....well, kind of?? Doesnt really pin them down, but two of them are named "Randy" & "Chuck"! If its a joke, then I hook, line and sinkered it
  • ♫♪♥« I love you and 'cause I do your face is purple, black & blue »♥♪♫
  • Cuando a Colombia ?
  • Sii
  • Vienen a Chile? D:
  • Here I come, Constantinople!
  • Один голимый выебон и 0% действительно годной музыки, которую хотелось-бы переслушивать.
  • Блядь, скачал целую дискографию этой еболы, она мне только плэйлист весь засрала, удалил нахуй.
  • Pour les fans français, je suis en train d'écrire un livre sur les Residents avec leur discographie complète. Titre provisoire : Meet The Residents
  • Taylor Swift would love this band <3
  • >Third Reich n Roll is their best followed by Duck Stab (1) can't agree more
  • Third Reich n Roll is their best followed by Duck Stab
  • Aleister Crowley purs eternally to this.
  • Let's all thank them for making awesome music and keep in your mind that Les Claypool was very inspired by them.
  • correct...not available is widely upheld as their best album. which is incorrect - animal lover is.
  • Not Available, underrated? I mean it's hard to find many contemporary reviews of the Residents, but I would say that not Available is among their most praised, along with Eskimo and Duck Stab
  • "God in Three Persons is one of the greatest albums ever!" Thanks for the rec, haven't listened to that one yet. Awesome band.
  • the residents are just............. perfect <3
  • God in Three Persons is one of the greatest albums ever! Not available is great as well and quite underrated.
  • Anyone got the new release (2015) of Commercial Album? Is it a digipack or it's a normal CD case?
  • They are oddly non-prolific at the moment.
  • I hope that we will see a new studio album with new content from The Residents sometime soon. I really would love to know what they have been up to these days.
  • There is Blood on the Bunny
  • Yeah, everything before then is brilliant. They've made some good records since then too, though. But it's undeniable that losing Snakefinger and whatever other lineup changes took place resulted in a shift in sound.
  • They were so perfect before 1982.
  • UnderLegs Tea Party version of Santa Dog (a.k.a. Fire) [1972] by The Residents
  • [url=]get spükked[/url]
  • Anyone bought the mystery box yet?
  • Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeee
  • No one knows exactly who she was or how she died.....
  • i think they're classed as post-punk cos they 'were discovered' by the media at the time of post punk and they were an influence on the bands of that era. They fit in with the underground of the late 70's early 80's. Like Kraftwerk who inspired 80's synth bands even though they'd been making music since the early 70's. The Residents and Kraftwerk were active long before the scenes they inspired or influenced but fitted in perfectly, like a glove.
  • Everybody feeds the fat boy
  • Reviewed Duck Stab! on The Kockpit:
  • Крутые
  • @alicewondered Go chronologically, most of their stuff is concept-based and it's also imperative you read up on the concept behind each album before listening honestly if you want to get the full context. Start with Meet the Residents, then Not Available (they recorded it second but it wasn't released second), then Third Reich n' Roll and then just go chronological from there
  • They release albums almost every year, so it's highly likely. I'm sure I read something earlier in the year about there being a new one in the works. Start with Meet the Residents or The Commercial Album.
  • I am kinda confused with the band's discography, is there an album I should start with?


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