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  • g r e a t
  • 'The Rentals - 1000 Seasons' Featured on BIRP! August 2014 Playlist:
  • Two reviews for Lost in Alphaville. English Spanish
  • God, their first album was so fresh. Still loving it, with that bombing Moog!
  • That one's on the Last Little Life EP, homie.
  • where can i get "songs about time" ???? heard a little bit of you in everything a loved it
  • so underrated!!!!
  • I'm def going to buy the 3rd album and see the band tour this bloody time
  • Nothing on Weezer
  • Around 14 months ago, I was annoyed that Matt's top song got around 200 plays a week, and now, it doesn't hit 100. Oy vey.
  • what about Songs About Time
  • one of the most underrated bands ever, it's because Rivers as hogged all the spot light even when its clear that matt is a much better musician
  • YAY RENTALS DO A TOUR SOON although I recently read they may be doing a tour with Ozma and someone else? yay
  • Rivers gets to record awful crap and perform on cruises. Matt made real music and his top song only gets 200 plays a week. Is there no justice?
  • were they on yo gabba gabbba?
  • I like both bands, but way to say there are two bands and not mention the Rentals from 1979 at all.
  • The Rentals, Return of The Rentals specifically, was in our top three inspirations when making our album. Our other 2 are Violent Femmes and Neutral Milk Hotel. So yeah, have a listen
  • goodbye Virgina. with your lousy style.
  • Those who are interested in this band may be interested in Weezer and Pat Wilson, well check out an exclusive drum cam video here if you are:
  • I think we can all say that Weezer was a lot better when Matt was still in it.
  • Weezer + The Anniversary = The Rentals
  • Nobody has listened the new album?
  • Big Daddy C.
  • poor man's Weezer
  • Fuck Weezer, Rentals All Day =R=
  • Really liked Last Little Life, but not too impressed with Songs About Time. [2]
  • Really liked Last Little Life, but not too impressed with Songs About Time.
  • so good. thanks guys for existing during my lifetime.made my mud existence easier :D
  • anyone got any good quality bootlegs?
  • Matt arruined weezer when went out.
  • is any1 able to send me their albums on my e-mail, please? i had problems with my comp and i lost all rentals' music.. <write me on p-r-i-v, thx>
  • the one i'm jamming. 2.) A late ’70s Boston area Punk band featuring Jeff Hudson, Jane Hudson, and Pseudo Carol. As a trio, they released the songs “Gertrude Stein”, “Low Rent”, “New York”, “I Got A Crush On You” and “Elephants”.
  • Happy to see my 2 favorite tracks from Last Little Life in the top 15.
  • Why have I not heard Return of the Rentals until today?! Great record!
  • I was so pumped when I found Return of the Rentals at a resale store.
  • qw3rtyy try slsk
  • Now after 12 long years we've both have changed but the question still the same, is it crazier to be a boy or for us to try again. Now if this whole damn time I've been in your thoughts just like you're telling me than how can you say love is not reality..
  • does aaaaaaaaaaaaanyone have excellent stocking stuffer? shoot me a link.
  • move on ~~ ♥,
  • the return of the rentals is awesome
  • when i listen to the rentals i hear all the awesome parts of weezer songs that were missing after "pinkerton" [2]
  • Lost out in the machinery...
  • Friends of P. !
  • Rivers 15 years ago. Songs About Time shouldn't have even counted as a Rentals release. Reeks too much of Sharp's solo wankery.
  • =)
  • totally dstaylor.
  • when i listen to the rentals i hear all the awesome parts of weezer songs that were missing after "pinkerton"
  • can someone tell me how they are about?


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