• The Rapture @ The Club at Firestone, Orlando

    10 Feb 2007, 3:45 de mansun79

    Thu 25 Jan – The Rapture

    One of the bands I listened a lot last year was The Rapture and regardless of what the critics said about Pieces Of The People We Love I loved the album, always being played in my Ipod while walking to campus.
    Certainly Echoes was the album that got me into The Rapture with killer tracks like Heaven (the track they chose to open the gig), I Need Your Love, Echoes, Sister Saviour and obviously House Of Jealous Lovers (all of them played in the gig). However, one of the highlights of the night was Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks from the 2001 EP of the same name. I was so involved and baffled that I could not record anything from that track but here you have some clips from the already mentioned I Need Your Love:

    and also two from Pieces Of The People We Love:

    The Devil

    and Don Gon Do It

  • A Song for each of you.

    16 Sep 2006, 23:54 de Fireworkss

    I'm sure it's not just me that does this.
    Sometimes I hear a song, and something about it just reminds me SO much of somebody I know, even if it's not even the kind of music they like.

    So, I've decided to write a list of these songs, as well as the person, of course. None of these friends have accounts and I'll probably never show them this journal, but that's ok.

    Munich - Ben
    This is a fantastic song, as well as the first Editors song I've heard. Why do I think of Ben when I hear it? Probably because he lived in Switzerland for all of 2004, and he learned German there. And I'm pretty sure the city Munich is in Germany... That probably sounds real silly, but ALSO I can very much imagine Ben dancing to this.

    Come See The Duck - Eva
    Eva was the first of my friends to hear this song, and of course it was a hit. She was the most excited about my "Come See the Duck" shirt, too. :D
    AND PLUS, near her house she has a pond with ducks in it. …
  • My very first mp3 mixtape! Woohoo! :P

    12 Jul 2006, 18:40 de holo17

    I don't know about the rest of you people, but I'm a huge mixtape fan. I just love compiling music in any possible way. And as nobody really listens to cassettes for quite some years now, of course I prefer to use a CD to compile my tracks. But now, time's arrived for another little "revolution".
    I just created my first mp3-only mixtape. This basically means running through my song collection, picking out the right tracks and putting them in the correct order into a computer folder. It can then be played in this exact order only.. :P

    So this first compilation's title is "Pivo in cvetje", literally translated as "beer and flowers", as it will serve the purpose of musical entertainment on our way to the festival of the same name in Laško, Slovenija. Check out


    1. Bulletproof Cupid
    The perfect opener. Fast, energetic, cool.

    2.Communist Moon
    For all of the wannabe communists among us. Brothers and sisters, I love you! :D