• My 2009 Top Charts

    28 Dic 2009, 20:48 de UkeleleBlues

    As I have said before, one thing I love about Last.fm are the tools for statistical analysis. Since last year, I have used last.fm to create pop charts for our school newspaper. Last January, I pulled together all sorts of data from my last.fm charts and reflected on it. Lets do that again, shall we?

    Regarding artists, I made the following prediction: “More of the same, but possibly with more blues. Muddy Waters especially.” Here are my official top five, by absolute number of songs played.
    1.Gloria Deluxe 7,112
    2.The Be Good Tanyas 4,085
    3.The Beatles 3,301
    4.The Kinks 3,198
    5.The Rolling Stones 3,169
    Muddy Waters ranked 32nd with 715 plays. Last year that would have nearly put him on the chart, but this year it doesn’t add up to much. Last year I also speculated that , shuffle being what it is, that artists with over 1000 tracks in my iTunes library were not exactly on a level playing field with artists whose entire oeuvre consists of less than fifty tracks. …