• Best 10 of '10

    21 Dic 2010, 4:17 de BravoJohnson

    1. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
    Progressive Black Metal

    Most likely Enslaved's best album, and easily album of the year. I'll admit that I am not familiar with Enslaved's work pre-Below the Lights, but from what I've read of other reviews of this album, I think my first statement holds. Every track is killer, packed with massive riffs and the best vocals I've ever heard from all members of the band. The production is crystal clear; guitar tones and drum sounds are impeccable. To top it all off, the album art and packaging is some of my favorite from anyone. The only criticism I can make of this album is of the atmospheric track Axioma which breaks the album into two halves - a more straightforward black metal first half and a more progressive second half. Although the song has a purpose and is nicely placed, the main synth sounds thin and the track seems like an afterthought.

    Standout Tracks: Giants, Lightening

    2. Angra - Aqua
    Progressive Power Metal