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  • And a free taster mixtape of all "Dealer de Couleur" featured artists.
  • New things from members of the Lady Sails. 2 albums + 1 EP as free downloads. 1 CD-R album available for purchase.
  • Pretty cool
  • i think this band may be something i've searched for a while.
  • check out remixes of lady sails tunes on youtube (by aveuglez)
  • I think that's because they are good and their songs are free.
  • Best new band! Great albums!!!!!
  • thanks to new album... it's great sound for fall, i'll enjoy that.
  • YA2 records - lolz Is that like a cheap attempt to atone for not including him in the band
  • Thanks so much for the new album!
  • official one year album celebration.
  • God this is good.
  • Great album, keep it up!
  • You are an amazing group of musicians. Never stop.
  • the lady sails
  • hey guys - this artist page is asking for votes on your correct name. before i vote, you wanna clear this up?
  • Yess theyre canadian :D very nice, maybe ill have a chance to see one of their gigs or something.
  • I'm freegin' likin it!
  • Free album! Wonderful. Thank you. You've got some gorgeous songs, I can't wait to give the album a good listening. If 'Autumn Grace' is anything to go by it'll be fantastic.
  • Hey, I love this album. It's really nice to listen to :). I especially like Jude the Obscurer. I wanna play it on piano :). I also highly recommend Bell Etage, they're awesome. They have a couple of free tracks, and there are some great songs if you get on their myspace. Enjoy :)
  • that's pretty cool you guys gave me music for free, more people should be like you guys, good music too
  • Well thats frist time that I have listened to The Lady Sails and I say I like your music and thanks very much for the free Album.
  • hey, wow. yet another reason to thank the gracious, generous, goddesses & gods of and even more importantly, thank you lovely lads for making your sweet sweet music available for free. it means that when the opportunity arises, i'll be more than happy to part with m hard-earned cash to either purchase your recordings or [even better] see you live :D
  • I really dig the music. :)
  • Cool drumming. Very different. I like the vibe. Check us out, maybe we can play a show if we're ever in town ;). [artist]Sleepy Jack[/artist]
  • Fantastic music, guys. Autumn Grace is my favorite track, but just about everything on the album is great. I admire your decision to release the album free, (and not just because I get free music, mind you ;)) because art, in my opinion, often deserves to not have so many restrictions. Anyway, I hope the band achieves the success they deserve
  • Loving the album, thanks for setting the music free.
  • Nice album, I enjoyed it. The production seemed a little rough, but it was great.
  • A slightly updated album link. Really the only thing thing that has changed are the vocals on Autumn Grace (we were'nt quite happy with the previous take).
  • my favorite still is Feet of Gold (mm)
  • Just listened to the new album - excellent work, guys, I love it. Best of luck!
  • but whyyyy u changed ur name... :) och...
  • Mh Autumn Grace is an amazing song! Again, nice work, but needs more listening.
  • also if anyone ever wants to buy an album on cd with art work and cool things, then well make one
  • 'Unplanned Day' - The Lady Sails We are releasing the album as a free download. No catches, no snags, nothing. Honest.

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