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  • BADGE...., best version ever.....
  • Nice! Spank : -) Love this show~ Spank!
  • "a super bluesrock"--wow!"
  • One of the most overlooked guitarists ever. His cover of angel is unbelievable also!
  • F"Awesome!! Loved him for years and now.
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  • unbelievable guitar artist , RIP
  • great man...great artist......RIP:(:(:(
  • I'm totally speechless... Whew!
  • full circle !
  • Eternal memory to you Jeff
  • genius
  • AWESOME..He can play better blind than alot of people can seeing, including me..Rest In Peace my friend..
  • happy birthday,Blind Jeff!
  • See The Light forever! :) With Marcus Miller on bass - it's one of Jeff's best songs.
  • evil and here to stay - That note on 2 minutes 30 - pure spine tingling
  • RIP Jeff
  • amazing guitar
  • No Comment !
  • Prayers answered. THose blind eyes can surely see now. No more sorrow and no more pain for my brother who consoled me in mine with his music. See ya soon.
  • Jeff entered into the history of blues and rock by GREAT legend, but did it during his lifetime. ...
  • amazing guitar player saw him once and he blew me away
  • R.I.P JEFF !!!!
  • R.I.P Jeff
  • See The Light is one of my favorite blues records, he is one my favorite players.
  • jeff u sure made that guitar sing thanx. RIP my friend
  • un génie
  • Grande genio Jeff____
  • why is it totally underrated ? he's a genious
  • jeff healey sold his strat to a work colleague of mine when he was in australia to buy drugs. it's a nice guitar!
  • Gênio, sua guitarra e sua voz sempre ficaram no coração de apreciadores de boa música. R.I.P.
  • hell to pay best album for me :)
  • I do miss you Jeff Healey, you will be missed..!!
  • RIP Jeff.
  • R.I.P JEFF
  • RIP Jeff !!!!!!!!!!!
  • 3 best band blues!!!! Jeff Healey 4ever
  • Keep on rocking in heaven dude.. you were the real blues man..
  • Pure genious, blues with a feeling
  • badge is THE best cover i have ever heard, see the light and hell to pay are just amazing
  • i have one very important question - where i can find jeff healey music tabs? on ultimate-guitar is only few;/ if anyone have some tab - please, send me pm. thanks!
  • rip Jeff Brilliant music. A genious.
  • Beautiful n' cool music! потрясная музычка
  • Sadly missed - a serious rival to Jimi Hendrix. Just a superb musician
  • One of the most incredible guitar solos on this Harrison cover!!!
  • Нет ничего вечного....Врут!!!
  • He is a true genious...
  • Always was a fan of Jeff. He must be jamming with Stevie Ray a lot now.
  • best in blues i have learned alot from his music and GOD BLESS!!!!!
  • We played Jeff's "While my guitar gently weeps" at my sons funeral - my guitar weeps again - thank you Jeff - we love you


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