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  • new Song/new album:
  • "If you really scrape for the truth, every part of me has died and is soaking in wine."
  • I'm Closed is the best songf
  • still nothing beats icky baby
  • With the release of the seventh Intelligence LP, Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me, on In the Red, Lars Finberg might finally get the attention he deserves. The new album is a rollercoaster ride through garage rock, noise pop, and frantic post-punk. Earlier LPs by the Intelligence were more blown-out, rowdy, lo-fi productions, but Everybody’s Got It Easy is a more well thought out, intense, and epic piece of rock ‘n’ roll. Read more:
  • Males > New album [2]
  • New album is great as usual. "Ladies and gentlemen, the band"= best intro ever.
  • No longer lo-fi
  • New Album is the best of this year!!
  • Can anybody ID the song playing at the beginning of "Reading and Writing About Partying" for me? Send me a PM.
  • Males > New album
  • now i wanna sniff some
  • new song is a banger
  • I love the drums in the first album
  • There's a reason Thee Oh See's are so much better now!
  • come play some jams with me on turntable!
  • Awesome!!
  • i love these guys, and would love them even more if i could get more than 12 percent of their lyrics.
  • hope they return soon now that lars is drumming for thee oh sees
  • 'these guys are just way too good... they will have a disproportionate influence over my experimental noise rock project this summer!' hee hee
  • these guys are just way too good... they will have a disproportionate influence over my experimental noise rock project this summer!
  • Love these guys. <3
  • super great music ! need more.
  • great rock band
  • great rock music
  • icky baby is the shit
  • I saw these guys when they came to Vancouver last year and it was one of the more disappointing shows I've been to...a Tuesday show, barely any crowd in an oversized venue, a replacement drummer who was clearly - and admittedly - wingin' it and the entire set clocked in at a meagre 20 - 25 minutes. So sad especially because these guys ARE awesome (on record anyway). Don't mean to be a hater, just sayin'.
  • on that note im really liking let's toil, more people should check that one out
  • agreed all their records are so good overtime, it's like the more you listen the more awesome they become. Icky Baby was the only one i instantly loved.
  • Saw em last night for the third time in as many years and they once again were awesome. Pony People live is so good.
  • ahhh, the songs on the new record sound so much better live.
  • fukyeah fukyeah fukyeah fukyeah fuckyeah!
  • Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
  • All their albums are so unique and killer and grow on you and become a staple in your collection
  • If you like this listen me :)
  • ugh *NOT* digging the new version of "the beetles" the one on world's lousy 8 is SO MUCH BETTER
  • Like Like Like Like Like Like Like
  • get a load of kristoffmorgan
  • Their side of the split with Thee Oh Sees is also credited to "The Intelligence", as is the new cassette which pairs "Fake Surfers" and "Crepuscule....". So, i'm thinking that maybe this is just how it is NOW and has no relation to Lars making the records alone or with a full band. Don't know, don't care, just sayin! :)
  • Short new 'full-length'...
  • dunno how i feel about Males yet, but I can say they are one of my favorite bands of all time.
  • Yeah, dude, i was JUST SAYIN'.
  • Although all that matters to me is that they are was annoying having 220 scrobbles for Intelligence and 80 for The Intelligence
  • @twistworthy - Seen the covers of Fake Surfers, Icky Baby, Deuteronomy, Crepuscule with Pacman, Let's Toil, Boredom and Terror, and the majority of their 7"s, Splits, and EPs? Just sayin'.
  • @Kristoff - Seen the cover of the new record? Clear as day, they are THE INTELLIGENCE. Just sayin'.
  • I'm a stalker, bro!
  • Who are you and how do you know my nick name?


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