• Melancholism Top 100 Tracks

    30 Ago 2010, 0:01 de Wonaldo

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    1.The Joy of D.H. Lawrence - Erik Enocksson
    2.The Nylon Waltz - Erik Enocksson
    3.Iceland - Bark Cat Bark
    4.Thru Thick Night - Erik Enocksson
    5.Aerodynamic - Tom Hodge
    6.The Exhalation - Wonaldo
    7.The Caterpillar - Ödland
    8.Mr. Seagull flying for a walk - Benjamin Ann
    9.Stehen Und Liegen Lassen - Ampl:tude
    10.Coudes À Coudes - Jean Corti
    11.Goodbye - Misophone
  • About Seagull

    16 Abr 2008, 22:17 de invisiblerain

    Seagull is a song very close to my heart. And i think certainly one of my favourite recordings ive done. Recorded of a span of two weeks, i decided to make it as short as i could handle, which for me is difficult.. As this is not the absolute definitive version i would choose to have less reverb on the vocals though its kinda cool. I recorded the vocals singing into a toy echo mic placed over pzm microphone. The middle section was recorded very improvised and free like the seagull i was imagining in my mind. The soaring reverse guitar/flute for me is a high point and harbours the real subconsious vibe/meaning of the song. I also used a combination of harmonium/dulcimer and panpipe throughout with the rythmn guitars as a basis for the basic track.