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  • Listening to Documentary for the first time in years and it's still a classic
  • @bapetoven - Out of his 6 official albums he only has 19 solo songs.
  • lol he literally ruined the beat on ali bomaye. so washed up.
  • I know a couple niggas that'd love to fry his hat, put a butterfly blade on his butterfly tat... Game was a g-unit groupie, f'they made a flcik about bitch arse nigga's he'd be in the movie العاب مرح
  • The Game always win the game. :P Yes, I like this dude. Incredible rapper repping the West Coast.
  • g-unit had a reunion... man fuck you niggas
  • The Purge is the realest shit said in 2014.
  • album sounds lazy as fuck =/ Haha, 16 songs, 24 guests [3]
  • black marshall mathers
  • Fuck yo feelings q:^)
  • its a compilation album, fuck you expect haha
  • Haha, 16 songs, 24 guests [2]
  • Haha, 16 songs, 24 guests
  • Year of The Wolf = AOTY
  • did you know the game is from compton? he's from compton you know
  • Or Nah is super catchy...Game is totally overshadowed by the other MCs but hey what else is new, dude has a knack for getting buried on his own tracks.
  • хорош, жаль скатился
  • GAME
  • nigga nigga nigga I'm from compton
  • Dang it, I lost the game!
  • @Og-Gurda: You're a terrible troll, you should stop now..
  • Bigger Than Me is preety good though
  • ying ying ying on dat mothafuckas!!!
  • Truly terrible music & image. Very very bad.
  • Bigger Than Me is fucking hot!
  • One of the best artists out
  • i do really love the game, dont get me wrong, besides, 50 fucked him with dre, which is a cuntish move, considering 50 is wack as fuck.
  • listening to him makes me laugh, some of his lyrics are funny as fuck when he takes the piss. [2] hate doing this numbered shit but in this case it's all i can do.
  • New album coming
  • You can say a lot about him. You can love him, you can hate him, but you gotta admit: Documentary is a classic. Thanks to Dre, 50 & Em tho.
  • He licks Dre's arse way too much though.
  • @kelseymillz thanks that helps so much
  • Przegrałem
  • listening to him makes me laugh, some of his lyrics are funny as fuck when he takes the piss.
  • Is anyone really taking this guy seriously?
  • 50 cent on related artists, lmao!
  • Best rapper alive.
  • the new track with problem is crazy
  • pex
    l.a.x. <3
  • vv No, he just does that because he has nothing else to talk about.
  • What I like about The Game is that he always namedrops the architects and innovators. He wants to make sure that young/new listeners learn about the classics in rap. He gives respect.
  • Marry christmas and new year in tuscany
  • Merry Christmas to all (with a little advance) :)
  • lmfao he really signed with ymcmb [4] :facepalm:
  • Hate It Or Love It > I lost track of this music but god wanted me to find her by chance and since my ears are expensive but this is too good as music :)
  • Wait what... He signed with ymcmb? Is this a fucking joke O___O


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