• One thing certainly leads to another

    14 Oct 2012, 15:12 de Rissan

    Fri 5 Oct – The Fixx
    In all those years that I know The Fixx, they only played the Netherlands once and that concert I never visited. So I was very eager to see them on this tour, and I can tell you I certainly was not disappointed.

    It seems to become a trend to play several sets during an evening. At half past eight the band opened with Deeper And Deeper and from the start the atmosphere and enthusiasm was there, both in the band and in the audience, to turn this evening into a very special one. The band played tide and inspired, and the setlist was well chosen making every number a highlight. Cy Curnin sang very good, Jamie West-Oram's guitar playing was inspiring, the bass of Dan Brown was tight and his playing inimitable. Rupert Greenall conjured the most beautiful sounds from his synthesizers and Adam Wood played tight as well.

    For sure the audience was aware that this concert wasn't going to be a trip down memorylane. With the new album Beautiful Friction out for just over a month…
  • 80s Music Conundrum

    9 May 2007, 16:10 de rtreynor

    So, last night at the restaurant, I heard an 80s song on the house music that I hadn't heard since the 80s. That's quite impressive. Most of the songs heard now from that decade can be heard almost every day if you seek them out.

    And usually, when the MusicChoice station that is played at work plays a "deep track" from the 80s - I have no problem recognizing it.

    Is that Make A Circuit With Me? It must be The Polecats. Stand By? That's Roman Holiday. Who's doing that cover of Ziggy Stardust? That's obviously Bauhaus.

    I was a child of the Reagan era, and like most teenagers, a huge consumer of music. I wanted to know everything out there. And for a large degree, I did. I can pretty much name the artist of any song that had a video on MTV back then, just by hearing a few measures.

    And the few songs that have haunted me - the ones I wasn't all that familiar with back in the 80s, but have been stuck in my head - I've sought out and discovered the title and track of the song. …