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  • Journal Entry #30 - 07/24/2007: Trust the blurbs and embrace the digipack

    25 Jul 2007, 4:42 de R_Kamidees

    Back yet again with the 30th & 1/2 installment of my incoherent ramblings and uneducated opinions presented as facts. It has been a few months since I have felt the urge to write another journal entry, but seeing as no one reads these things anyway I doubt anyone has noticed the absence of mine.

    Sorry, no copy-and-paste-able survey to take here. Look elsewhere, Brittany.

    So the most inexplicable thing happened to me during my last trot to the local record shoppe. Well, the majority did no occur during the trip, but mainly afterwards. But I digress. While perusing the rock/pop section, I came across an album that looked familiar in that vague way a CD cover appears after you have dismissed it more than once. You've seen the album in the same spot month after month, apparently untouched and shunned by the general populous. But what caught my eye this time wasn't the boring artwork or the generic band name, but was the small promotional sticker affixed to the top-right corner of the packaging. …
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