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The Dresden Dolls

Missed Me (4:49)

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Missed me, missed me, now you've got to kiss me
If you kiss me, mister, I might tell my sister
If I tell her, mister, she might tell my mother
And my mother, mister, she might tell my father

The Dresden Dolls - Letra de Missed Me


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  • if youre thinking this song is about pedophilia, id say youre way off the mark. Statutory rape and pedophilia are two different things. This song is brilliant because it so accurately describes some of the encouraged culture around teenage girls and sex... "If you kiss me mister you must think im pretty If you think so mister you must want to fuck me If you fuck me mister it must mean you love me If you love me mister you would never leave me"
  • People are getting caught up in the paedo theory...i think the girl in the song WAS abused...but she was in love with her abuser. It happens a lot more than people think with under-age girls. Now she's all betrayed and angry and using the age angle to lash out at her 'mister'...she's threatening him through the whole song. It's closer to how scottdoesntknow described it.
  • so creepy my god
  • creepyish
  • Mistrust of men's motives has gotten so that some grown women mistake a kindness as unwanted desire for them. In this song, it's not just about a little girl, but about HER unwanted desire. The spurned "woman" in this case. This is the first I've heard of "punk cabaret".
  • ....fantastico.....
  • Brilliance
  • neat
  • ThornofRose, I think you're misinterpreting this song— the "serves you right for kissing little girls" line is said sardonically. If you take into consideration the tone of the lyrics and the overall song, it's pretty clear that this is about an underage girl taking revenge on an adult man who dumps her by turning him into the authorities. At the end she laments, "I miss my mister so", implying regret for turning him in, because, despite the fact that it was her action, the result of it is that he is locked away in a cell, completely away from her, and that there is no way for them to be together again. It's a song about obsession and rage and impulsive actions.
  • this is easily one of my favorite songs EVER... love the lyrics so much! ♥

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