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  • ugh, I resent how much I relate to this even now
  • Oh dear, crashing cars, biting lips, breaking guitar strings, nervous shaking, unexplainable bruises, knotty hair, medicated... I can relate to every line of this song.
  • video and sound quality horrendous but boy do i love this song
  • Bandages
  • This has been my ringtone for years.
  • Better with every listen
  • "The attention just encourages her."
  • You know things get serious when you headbang to a vocal and piano song...
  • Need a karaoke version.
  • Slaying It
  • Playing tonight!
  • Grrrr! I love it.
  • I am the girl an-ack-rawn-iz-um! Love this, dangerous sounding as well as theatrical and, importantly, fun all at the same time which isn't something you can say very often
  • Duuuuuude.
  • soooooo good ♥
  • это гениально
  • in lust, love and fear simultaneously - only the finest women can do this
  • amanda
  • I wouldn't like to steal her cookie :s
  • Love the near breakneck speed on this.
  • This is amazing, whatever it is! D:
  • Manic!
  • so awesome
  • favorite
  • powerful
  • This song is an apt description of my mental state at the moment.
  • Clasic!!!
  • Yay my 50th Dresden dolls listen with this song! I know that's not really impressive but... :3 I also think i'm one of many listeners that can relate to this song far too well
  • Fucking disaster of a a good way that is.
  • Classic - and so manic. Very relevant to my interests. ;]
  • I love Amanda's voice
  • I love this song. It's the one that really made me like the Dresden Dolls.
  • one of my favorites of the 2000's
  • "The attention just encourages her" :)
  • love this song
  • I love her on the piano. <3 Fucking great song!
  • Fucking love this song
  • I've heard like three different versions of this song...All good, though.
  • wooo!
  • i might join your century but only on a rare occasion
  • fantastic!
  • Absolutely love them!
  • <3
  • love it, cheers!
  • love it...
  • d0l
  • <3
  • trippy piano parts....
  • the attention just encourages her <3


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