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  • so many snakes you could fill the great lakes
  • please somebody help me download their albums! I cannot find them on the web! please I need someone to upload it for me! PLEASE
  • Buy Deadly Snakes, The - Love Undone (CD, 5€) from Moonlee Records | [url=]Add to Cart[/url]
  • I just heard this band today, goodness
  • 'I Want To Die' is one of my fave rock songs ever :)
  • what??" no 'i want to die"?
  • good music !!
  • If you like these guys you should see this thing I found in my trunk! I think it used to be a watermelon or something! Oh and the Deadly Snakes are really good, I like them.
  • If you dig music like these guys, come check us out at the From the Garage Group, a new group dedicated to rocking music from the world's garages. We're new and growing.
  • I just wrote an article on Music in Commercials featuring The Deadly Snakes. Check er out here:
  • Andre Ethier, Nordic Nomadic and Quest for Fire are their new projects as far as I know. Unfortunately nothing with Max Mccabe-Lokos, liked his voice and lyrics.
  • ode to joy is by far like THE BEST ALBUM EVER, is what.
  • Any side projects from some of these guys?
  • WHAT THE FUCK?????? Terrible news.
  • I want to kill myself.
  • R.I.P. Deadly Snakes :(
  • eh, they're both so great, i can't decide sometimes
  • True dat. Although I do like Porcella more than Ode to Joy.
  • simply amazing
  • or if you're so 14 year old hipster who has only heard porcella
  • yep.
  • agreed
  • The greatest band nobody knows about.

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