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The Clash

Lost in the Supermarket (3:52)


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  • This song is pure gold! or genius. or both. The lyrics are so on point that personally it makes me laugh. Great critique of society.
  • This song is so beautifully sad. <3
  • This is so beautifully sad.
  • I save coupons for packets of tea
  • Great song
  • its true ♫♥♫
  • One of my favorite Clash songs.
  • i always figured mick wrote the lyrics for this, but it turns out joe did, possibly with mick in mind, i guess joe probably wrote the lyrics for beyond the pale too (which seem very auto-biographical for mick a well)
  • my favofite The Clash song.
  • I wasn't born so much as I fell out.
  • Always reminds me of that scene in The Hurt Locker, where he's lost in the cereal aisle.
  • Back in my "El Duderino" days (full beard, long curly hair) I was haunting the Snack Isle in my local market, deciding between Oreos and Nutter Butters, when a little girl turned to her mum, tugged on her skirt and said, "Mom, it's Jesus Christ." True story.
  • Best sex song ever.
  • this is the most melancholic song I know of. [2] Damn, if that was the case for myself, I'd be happy all the damn time. Listen to some Blind Willie Johnson and read his bio some time then let me know.
  • love Mick Jones' voice
  • still a fav!
  • amazing lyrics
  • this is the most melancholic song I know of.
  • I'm probably the only one who thinks this is the weakest song on an amazing album
  • This is the vanilla tape version right? the vanilla tapes have some awesome alt takes of London Calling!! Love the clash jams on it and the Black Market Clash lp. Wish they'd release just jams of Clash music from those two lp's and the mini movie which has some extra Clash jams that I believe have yet to be released in any format.......
  • Has got to be my favorite Clash song. It's already been said, but everything about it is perfect.
  • Sounds like a demo or sound check version- love it!
  • perfect shopping music
  • nice version
  • so CATCHY
  • never gets old. Viva The Clash!
  • immer gut!
  • " but it's not disappear "..♫♥♫
  • so many memories
  • great lyrics
  • my love for this track increases almost exponentially the older i get. absolutely FANTASTIC track
  • lol first heard this song randomly on my ipod on my way to uni one day, stopped me in my tracks SO SO GOOD
  • this version sucks.
  • yes, this is the best. ever. he's singing my boigraphy!
  • v Agreed. Might be their best.
  • Everything about this song is perfection. The bass. The guitar solo. The lyrics. The vocal. Love love love.
  • the clash...missing joe strummer
  • Nice!
  • its happening right now!
  • yes
  • Hearing that noise was my first ever feeling...
  • I found this cassette, Awwww.... Anybody got a tape deck?
  • Worse thing to do is smoke pot and go to the supermarket. The last time I did that, I came home with a can of smoked oysters and a Snicker's with a bite out of it. Still don't know who bit that candy bar. LOL
  • smoke pot, and you will get lost in the supermarket
  • I hate getting lost in the supermarket..
  • Great track, just never tire of hearing it. How is it that this band was so short lived? They left so much undone, a mere flash in the pan...... Imagine how much greater they could've been if they could've remained for another 10-15 years. Instead, we're left with shit merchants like Bon Jovi & Dave Mathews who simply won't go away.... They keep grinding out the cheeze whiz for mass consumption by mindless masses.... How tragic indeed.
  • The Only Band That Matters- Still
  • once you hear this song, it just plays over and over and over in your head.
  • not heard this version before - i like it - a bit more subtle.


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