• Sunday Songs

    4 Jun 2006, 4:50 de redrimbaud

    Its a nice warm Sunday, and I thought I would just type "Sunday" into my iTunes and see what turns up. So below is a selection of songs on my iTunes that has Sunday in their titles.

    1. Sunday Morning

    Its been a while since I heard this and its typical of early songs by theAluminium Group. It kinda reminds me of lazy Sundays when I was growing up in the 70s listening to the radio in my dad's car as we went out.

    2. Sunday

    This is a lot more mellow. more like early Sunday morning rather than a Sunday afternoon song. One of those tracks from Ben Christophers's first album that I quite enjoy.

    3. Sunday Girl

    Blondie was always great fun when I was growing up. And Sunday Girl is always a hoot. More Saturday night then Sunday, but works as well if you're trying to chase away those pre-Monday blues.

    4. Sunday Came and Went

    This was originally done by The Castaway Stones on the quite excellent Shelflife Records compilation You Make Me Smile.