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  • "Drive" is AND WILL BE one of the greatest songs ever written. RIP, Benjamin Orr, 15 years and you're still missed !
  • Strap me in is one of their best songs. There are a few really good ones on here.
  • Door to Door, one word: underrated
  • I Refuse... to not listen to The Cars !!!
  • Amazing
  • I love "The Cars"!!!
  • Cars fuckin OWNED this sound in the late 70's-80's
  • as always, jim tryin' to dispel rumors that you have become third-rate pieces of feces , , , i warrantied it as fourth rate. jump in your cars and drive to austrailia for a free concert ! post haste
  • This band is criminally underrated. [4]
  • <3
  • ♥ ♥ ♥
  • "Drive" ~ ~ ~ Love :-)
  • My dad used to blast The Cars so thought id give them a look now I'm older, man they have a lot of classics!
  • This band is criminally underrated. [3]
  • This band is criminally underrated. [2]
  • This band is criminally underrated.
  • Punk Rock! Love this Spank!:-)
  • I just want to be in you panorama.
  • Great Music. ♥ ♥ ♥
  • окасек, никогда не прощу тебе-мудаку испорченный второй альбом гениальных suicide что до самой группы, то они так и остались авторами двух-трех песен, и поделом собсна
  • I snubbed this band for too long. I'm back in the game!
  • Yeah! I love the Cars! Takes me back to my younger days! Spank! :-)
  • I love "The Cars"!!! :-) x2
  • @MoshNChurch: hauzzer is just a troll, who gets off on people disagreeing with him. There is no point in voicing your opinion of dislike for something in the very area where their fans often consort. He refers to his "kind" a la TROLLS. Unfortunately this happens a lot on, but don't let it get to you, it's just narcissism at work.
  • In 1978 I was riding my bike with a "Ghetto blaster" on the handle bars and a kid came up to me and said, " Do you have the cars on there?" and I said, no. Well I went and found "The Cars" soon after" That kid changed my life..Hello, Kid..Thank you, 35 years later.
  • They look so fancy I can tell.
  • - join my fanpage if you like 80-90's music :)
  • Great Band
  • only The Cars can make a sad song upbeat
  • just what i needed <3
  • great talented band
  • Ric is a weird lookin dude. but very talented. something about them seems so understated which makes them even better in my opinion
  • @MoshNChurch: As you said, this is a public place. You should expect all kinds of people here, including my own kind. -- I suppose the word "sucks" was uncalled for. It isn't constructive and it's just plain stupid. I originally said that The Cars are boring, musically and especially lyrically. I don't hate them, but I don't like them either. I don't just go to random pages and spew hate. This is a band I know from when I was a child. I've decided to give some of their songs a listen, and concluded that they're not my thing. A tiny piece of my mind on a public page shouldn't get so much attention, even more so when it's obvious that I'm absolutely subjective in my remarks. Nevertheless, I recognize my harsh words, and I hereby apologize to all of you who felt insulted by them.
  • @hauzzer i understand, but coming to a public forum to express yr opinion? it just doesn't make much sense to me. i don't go to a band i dislike's page to express my opinion. people like their music for a reason, saying it 'sucks' is just rude.
  • 'Shake it up' is also funky.
  • @MoshNChurch: Because I like to give every band a fair chance before judging them. I gave The Cars a chance, and I didn't like them. It's my taste and my point of view, neither of which I'm forcing on anyone here; just voicing them.
  • @hauzzer why even comment on something you don't like? do something better with your time. personally, i think the cars have been and still are incredible. i grew up on their music, and i'm absolutely in love with them. my favourite album will always be candy-o. :)
  • Why does it say there's more than one band with this name and then only lists the 80s band?
  • Easily one the best classic rock bands.
  • @TheDarkSide73: Hmm.. No.. I'd say the band sucks. It's all a mater of perspective and taste.
  • I mean their best song is 'Heartbeat City'.
  • Moving In Stereo
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  • Drive
  • touch and go! [2]
  • Nice 1 ********


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