• Super Comprehensive Top 25 Best of 2010 (5k words!)

    13 Ene 2011, 7:09 de justfetus

    The Best Albums of 2010
    plus honorable mentions and let-downs
    2010 was an amazing year of music, in my opinion. I had to listen/re-listen to a lot of albums to get a comprehensive and true-to-my-thoughts list compiled. The album descriptions and reviews are written in a simple style, due to the fact that I get really pissed when I read music reviews that give me extremely obscure information, imply knowledge of at least 6 other unrelated albums, and use adjectives that normal humans would never use to describe anything. On top of that, those kinds of reviews usually don’t even give me a good idea of what the album sounds like, and I would probably spend less time listening to the album than trying to figure out what each sentence means.
    Anyway, after hours and hours of work, I present to you my year-end music list!


    MGMT released an insanely catchy, wide-appeal collection of songs a few years ago on Oracular Spectacular. …