• The Cat's Whiskers

    16 Abr 2008, 12:17 de johnspithead

    I have never been able to resist a bit of rockabilly. A couple of years ago, myself and Charlotte (my other half) took ourselves off for a bit of a drive round Australia. I had burned a few compilation CDs to play in the car and it was about three quarters of the way between Melbourne and Sydney when she finally had enough (the final straw being the live version of Frank Zappa's cod-reggae version of Bolero)and accused me (falsely, as it happens)of bringing five CDs of obscure fucking B-sides, and telling me in no uncertain terms that the next record shop we found I was to buy something more fucking listenable. The next record shop we came to was the absolutely AMAZING Red Eye Records in Sydney, and -despite going in with the best of intentions and with my relationship in peril - I came out with a compilation of rockabilly acetates. I can only blame the rockabilly revival of 1979.

    Now, I can only speak for London, but there was a very well established rockabilly scene (based largely at the Southgate Royalty…