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Rubber Soul
The Beatles

Rubber Soul


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  • Awesome but not their best. Still better than 99,9% of the music out there.
  • @julyanedomings This is the American track listing for some reason, even though I would imagine 99% of people scrobbling Rubber Soul are playing the UK version.
  • This and Revolver are tied for my favorite Beatles album. A magnificent album and like MisterJunior said, the bass playing on here is great. Every song on here is great and it has some of the best lyrics they wrote. "Drive My Car" and "What Goes On" are catchy as hell, "Michelle" is simply perfection and "In My Life" is one of the prettiest songs they every did, and it's one of my favorite Beatles songs too.
  • ''I've Just Seen a Face' and "It's only love''' are from HELP! for god's sake
  • One of their two or three best albums. It's also significant for featuring Paul's best bass playing. Seriously, give a close listen to his playing here and you'll see that he's very, very good.
  • "...and their later albums were hard to get into for the pop masses." If you're reaching for a way to show you're superior to the so-called "masses" at least find something that's true.
  • rating 10/10
  • One of the best albums in music history. [5]
  • please vote to change this to just Rubber Soul
  • This album is the perfect mix of mainstream/quality pop for the Beatles. Their earlier albums were a bit dull, and their later albums were hard to get into for the pop masses.
  • Latarnie Montpellier - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (The Beatles cover) Alternative/Psychedelic/Dream pop ;)
  • Brian Wilson: Challenge accepted [8] yea :v
  • hey guys - - - - on a bright blue piano played amid evening traffic in the middle of manhattan -- with an international cast -- please check out this one-of-a-kind 'i've just seen a face' - - - - -
  • hey here is my outdoor guitar version of 'i'm looking through you' ~ ~ ~ ~ please check it out! ~ ~ ~ ~
  • sls
    This is the only Beatles album where I prefer the US version, mostly for the inclusion of "It's Only Love" - the other US releases mostly had tracks omitted and nothing added.
  • One of their best.
  • Absolutely brilliant album.
  • Brian Wilson: Challenge accepted [7] lolllll
  • Ok, mceneny - thanks for the information. Now would you be so kind to also inform me who gives a shit about 'Murican crap?
  • Doesn't get much better than this.
  • Norwegian Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
  • Brian Wilson: Challenge accepted [6]
  • Paul appears so wild on this one!
  • Drive My Car is the first track on the UK version, not the US version. The UK version is more popular.
  • After much personal deliberation I settle on this for my favourite Beatles album. For now!
  • One of the best albums in music history. [4]
  • Drive My Car ?
  • I'm an artist inspired by The Beatles.
  • so much better in mono (as with all beatle albums)
  • One of the best albums in music history. [3]
  • "And I looked at the album cover [of Rubber Soul] and realised, 'My God, they were stoners!' You could see it in their eyes." Ray Manzarek
  • It's US version, I think
  • shouldn't Drive My Car be the first song in this album??? -____-
  • Brian Wilson: Challenge accepted [5]
  • All three songwriters are at the top of their game with this album. That's why it's so great.
  • my favorite Beatles album. there's something so special and organic about listening to this masterpiece on vinyl, as it was intended to be. <3
  • One of the best albums in music history. [2]
  • Strong candidate to most influential album in the history of music. By far The Beatles' most groundbreaking one, and that's something. I'm not saying it's the first nor the best, but no other major release was half as instrumental in adding colour to Western popular music. Nothing was ever the same afterwards. One could say the 60's start here.
  • The BESTles album.
  • haha Pet Sounds is a really special album too.
  • Brian Wilson: Challenge accepted [4] :)
  • soooo perfect (*___*)
  • One of the best albums in music history.
  • este trabajo abre la epoca dorada del cuarteto de liverpool,.la evolucion es brutal,con revolvel ,sigue la evolucion.que ya no abandonarian .asta abbey road,
  • George looks like Keith Richards in this album cover *-*
  • This IS My favourite Beatles album. I've played it to death! Girl oso sooo good! I'm Looking Through You, etc.
  • This album changed me so many way.
  • Where's Drive my Car? .-.


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