• Avett Brother's I And Love And You Review

    6 Mar 2010, 17:25 de glmh101


    I and Love and You (2009)
    The Avett Brothers
    Rating 4/5

    I eagerly anticipated this album. Two summers before it came out, I discovered The Avett Brothers via a friend who I worked with. In my town there was a cult following of the group. Everyone was excited Rick Rubin started to work with The Avett Bros, giving them main street viability. This raised another question about whether or not was going to affect their music. The Avett Brothers’ style was not tailored for mainstream success. Everyone knew this step was going to change their music, but we wondered how much it would change and if this new version would be as good.
    The reviews by my friends have been greatly mixed. Some of my friends think it is their best album to date, while others think it is their worst and wish they return to their hardcore folk roots. I am on the side of those who liked the album, but this belief is with a small caveat. …
  • Concert/Album Review: The Avett Brothers

    6 Oct 2009, 2:24 de Rockstar_Aimz

    Wed 30 Sep – The Avett Brothers
    from my blog: http://myaimzistrue.blogspot.com/

    The Avett Brothers played a sold out Horseshoe Tavern on Wednesday, September 30, the day after the official release of their new album I and Love and You. I couldn't believe how packed the 'Shoe was! When they toured Toronto in support of their 2007 release Emotionalism, there were maybe 60 people in the audience.

    The Avett Brothers are some talented dudes. Brothers Scott and Seth Avett alternated on lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, and keyboards, while Scott also played drums and banjo. Bob Crawford rounds out the trio on upright and electric bass, and Joe Kwon played rock cello on a few tracks. I greatly enjoyed the rock cello.

    The knowledgeable crowd, which was heavy on the dudes with beards and glasses side, sang along to the older songs, and danced to the newer tunes. Scott and Seth were working their asses off. During The Perfect Space Scott was literally running between the drum set and the keyboards.