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"The Avalanches" son un colectivo de música electronica oriundos de Melbourne (Australia). Son conocidos especialmente por su eclético uso de los samplers, lo que se pone de manifiesto en su debut (y único LP hasta la fecha) "Since I left you", formado en su totalidad por más de 3500 samples.

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  • 2020! I'm feeling it! 2025 is the year oh no 2030 is the year, maybe 2037 could be it, wait again 2043 hang on 2054 is it but no 2066 would be better oh no again it's going to be 2071 oh why don't we just make it 2099! that's the year most def!
  • 2017. I'm feeling it. 2017 is the year.
  • def album, def band.
  • detox status
  • Just fucking disband already.
  • I heard they are working on Half Life 3 soundtrack.
  • Dead album, dead band.
  • "Our internal autopilot crashes into these aural mountains, and we’re forced to pay closer attention." wrote some stuff on how important the Avs are to me
  • @Harry_01 Don't you think you're being a little too optimistic?

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