• First journal post

    16 Ene 2011, 16:54 de alexpeter9595

    Asdf. Sup guys. So I'm kind of hungry, so I thought I'd come here and let you know.
    While I'm here, some of my favourite bands:
    Dog Fashion Disco
    The Alter Boys
    Breathe Carolina
    ... etc etc.
  • Merry Christmas!

    25 Dic 2010, 11:50 de FashionistState

    And anything else around the holidays you celebrate. <3

    I have been given a £25 iTunes gift card, which I will use to download some albums I'd been meaning to buy for ages but keep forgetting. However, for my third album...I'm a bit stuck. I'm torn between Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Combichrist! D:

    EDIT: I've got an even better idea. Three words: The Alter Boys. Featuring my beloved Todd Edward Smith. xD
  • bands 2 check

    4 Abr 2009, 7:35 de bloodlite

  • how diverse is my musical taste?

    19 Abr 2007, 16:13 de raskichuela

    First, make a list of your top-20 artists overall. Then, for each of these artists, add the 8 most similar artists to your list. Delete any duplicates, count up the number of entries on your list and this will give you some idea of how eclectic your listening habits are. A score of 9 represents an extremely unvaried musical taste while a 160 represents an extremely varied one (DO NOT count your top 20 artists, only the similar artists).

    1. Poison the Well
    everytime i die
    norma jean
    the bled
    between the buried and me
    as i lay dying
    from autumn to ashes

    2. Dead To Fall
    through the eyes of the dead
    the acacia strain
    bury your dead
    on broken wings
    remembering never
    between the buried and me
    the red chord
    from a second story window

    3. Between the Buried and Me
    the red chord
    the black dahlia murder
    everytime i die
    norma jean
    darkest hour
    bury your dead
    the dillinger escape plan

  • Hot arm enters Phantom Klaxon Cobra... Maybe.

    30 Sep 2006, 13:57 de monas

    Here we have the highlights of my current playlist of choice. They're all worth giving a listen... which I'd say given that it's my current playlist of choice.

    Duct Tape Mustache - Theraputic

    Possibly my favourite air-keyboard track at the moment. Funky keyboard/organ happenings abound. It's also one of those songs where you could read a number of meanings into the lyrics (well... I say a number, I have two).

    The Faint - Glass Danse

    Thumping. Techno. Music.

    Hot Chip - Over And Over

    If I hadn't seen these live footage of these guys in action I doubt I would have been as enthralled by their noodlings. They are NERDS and it makes me happy. 5 or 5 nerds in a line, almost everyone with their own keyboard or snyth... singer wearing over-sized glasses and a cardigan. Lots of tambourines and shakes all round, it's just magical (Give the video for this track a watch too... it's fun).

    The song itself lays eggs in your brain and refuses to leave. Agreat deal like...

    The Blood Arm - Suspicious Character
  • Eight Legged FRIENDS!!

    13 Sep 2006, 10:39 de The_Couch

    My new friend is a spider. Discarding political correctness, i've been calling it a 'he.' He's been in my life for about two weeks now. When I'm out during the day, he sits on my bedroom door, so I can say hello to him on my way in. My nightly routine is usually something like: get home at 7, eat dinner, turn on computer & start playing music, boxing training, then shower. By the time I get to the shower part, this spider has moved to the bathroom, and taken up roost behind my towel on the towel rack. So when I go to dry myself, I have to be careful as to not harm spider friend when I yank my towel down.

    This little routine happens 80% of nights that I come home. And I'm not pulling anyone's leg, it's bloody strange. There was one night that I skipped the music/training part, and went straight to the shower after dinner. The spider obviously wasn't ready, and FOLLOWED ME IN to the bathroom. It was hilarious.

    He's not particularly big... about 6cm leg span. Cute little tacker. I'm guessing he's a young huntsman.
  • Shocked and disturbed. By myself!?

    9 Sep 2006, 10:39 de The_Couch

    Last far out dream I had unfortunately wasn't one which found me waking up with laughter escaping my bent-out-of-shape head. I woke up chilled and comfortable, but with a bit of self-suspicion. Like, suspecting that there could be the personality of a moral murderer lying dormant under my consciousness. It was a little worrying.

    The dream started out on a rooftop. Great place to start. And with great company, too. I was hangin with Jason DeVore, frontman from Authority Zero, just sitting back, smashing a few beers, etc.


    Holy shit, I grab a fireman's axe, which is handily lying nearby, and Jase got a baseball bat. We fight the stinky bastards for what seems like ages, and just when we're getting a handle on the situation, Jason gets bitten. Before his blood can circulate back to his brain, I cut his head off with my axe, grab it, and run. The next few hours were some of the saddest I've ever experienced. I just cut a friend's head off.

  • The collective insanity of all taxi drivers.

    5 Sep 2006, 13:19 de The_Couch

    I don't think I could truthfully say that I've ever had a COMPLETELY sane cab driver in my life. They're all bonkers, whether it be in just a small way, or an outrageous flamboyant display of mental divergence. Now, I have some pretty far out thought processes (my dreams, for example), and some fairly extensive random (so it seems) amnesia, however I believe I manage to keep it together MOST of the time. But those fucking cab drivers... whoa.

    I had a cab ride last week, where the driver was explaining to me his fantastic idea for a new nightclub in The Valley. Called..... "Stinky's" (I presume the apostrophe is possessive, as if the club is owned by Stinky, or inhabited by a lingering stink). At Stinky's, nobody is refused entry, nobody is ever kicked out, and it's open 24 hours. with 24 hour webcam feed to www.stinkys.com! So people on the internet can watch what's going on, and phone/email/sms in regarding what's going on at that particular time.

  • Fuck, I forgot

    17 Ago 2006, 10:46 de The_Couch

    I had this awesome dream a while ago, which found me climbing up the side of something HUGE (which turned out to be a fat lady) to get to some sort of oasis at the top (which turned out to be MADE OF FOOD). That's pretty much it, but I know there were funny details, however I forget them now. It's been a few weeks. I've drunk a lot since then. What I will do instead, is write about a dream i had a while ago, but remember fondly. It's a short one, which is good, because typing is quite uncumfortable at the moment with a deep gash on one of my fingers. I shouldn't have tried to juggle whisky glasses last night at the press club. That was a mistake. Even when sober, I have little faith in my juggling when the objects are made from GLASS.


    I was the captain of a British battleship, living the sailor's life: strolling along the deks, standing at the bow like some sort of noble totem, and demanding the cabin boy perform ridiculous tasks purely for my own enjoyment. Alas, all good things have to come to an end. …
  • Life As A Movie (with multiple versions)

    18 Jul 2006, 1:38 de kamikaziekitten

    Okay, so I tend to do this particular music meme quite often... so I figured why not share it with a few other people. I warn you, there's a twist on quite a few of 'em since I like to do different variations and themes.

    Once again, random on the playlist and plop down whatever comes out. You know the drill.

    All using preferred format (Artist - Song)

    Your Life: The Soundtrack - All Music
    Opening credits: The Academy Is... - The Phrase That Pays
    Waking up: EMF – Unbelievable
    First date: A Thorn For Every Heart – Dead Man's Party
    Falling in love: Maxteen – Lead Not Follow
    Love scene: The Academy Is... - Checkmarks
    Fight scene: With Rescue Breathing – Bleed To Clean
    Breaking up: Queen – The Show Must Go On
    Getting back together: Boink – Carpe Diem
    Secret love: The Smashing Pumpkins – Lily (My One And Only)
    Life's okay: Blink 182 – Peggy Sue
    Mental breakdown: The Sound of Animals Fighting - Infaria
    Driving: Kittie – Paperdoll (Remix)
    Learning a lesson: Eminem – When The Music Stops