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  • new album is so good, a fresh relaxed sound.
  • Influence is excellent. Really psyched for Vieux Loup.
  • Does anybody know where I can download/get my hands on "Ear Worms"?
  • so glad i found these guys!
  • The band I forgot about. I used to love The Acorn after Glory Hope Mountain. Newer album meant nothing to me, but Glory hope was amazing. I really must agree with @superfly299 Sister Margaret was such a beautiful instrumental.
  • The Canadian Rock League (season 2) will start in the next week. You can vote in this band here [url=]Canadian Rock League[/url] Every week have a new voting! Greetings
  • Dents in 'Jeff, Who Lives At Home'. xD
  • The Pink Ghosts is so underrated. There needs to be at least one song in the top 15.
  • Listen together with others to new indie folk and indie pop artists and tunes in the "New Indie Folk" Soundrop room on Spotify -
  • SLIPPERY WHEN WET--Simply perfect song.
  • oh wow, discovery of the day indeed
  • 2010 live review:
  • glory, misplaced, antenna, plateau ramble... yummy
  • Discovery of the day.
  • hell of a show last night!
  • daytrotter sessions ... rules
  • They really need to do more songs like "Sister Margaret". One of my all time favorite instrumentals and quite possibly my favorite song by The Acorn.
  • Similar?
  • I like No Ghost and all, but I don't think it's possible for them to top Glory Hope Mountain. It's my favorite folk album, by far. It's just magical.
  • i would die a happy man if i could find the guitar tab to "Outaouais Trilogy - Yer Doin' It. Yer Fuckin' Doin' It" off of The Pink Ghost album... I listen to that song on repeat like it's the end of the world --thanks to BP it probably is. I've been ripping my hair out during the day and crying in my pillow at night all in futile attempt to find the guitar tab. humph! (-_- )
  • Concentric circles signal dinner time
  • Four Tet's remix of Restoration is pretty damn beautiful..
  • liking the new album more and more. i also play music. i just recorded an EP that you can download for free from - enjoy!
  • amen thestevecat. Acorn, we have plenty of Acorn trees in England, you should pay us a visit, you would be warmly welcomed! p.s watch out for squirrels
  • Glory Hope Mountain might be the perfect album
  • Glad they're from Ottawa :)
  • you guys should check out their cover of good enough by cindy lauper. wonderful
  • i <3 the acorn
  • k
  • amazing show at the opera house last night!
  • I am absolutely in love with "Dents"
  • my crush on them was short-lived but i wish to return to it now
  • amazing show yet again last night at bush hall guys. x
  • I love "Second Fiddle." I can't wait to hear new material and get to see them live again.
  • this is my new love.
  • LOVE this group. Just checked their Myspace to find out any new information and the latest blog (dated July 1) says they've been recording their next album to be released sometime early 2010. Very excited to hear new stuff from them!
  • <3
  • i saw them in hamburg on wednesday and they were grrrreat! (:
  • I told you at the show on tuesday and I will say it once more: You blew me away ! just SICK !!
  • I saw them too, awesome!!! and great support for bon iver : )
  • great show at Le Nuit Botanique!
  • Grrr... i'm soooooooo jealous! i was supposed to see them in Exeter too but i've got too much stoopid pooping uni work to finish. Similar story for seeing them at great escape. boo. boo i say.... so very very jealous of you Signor Turner!
  • Saw them last night in Exeter having seen them when they supported Elbow. What a fab band and well worth checking out if you haven't heard them yet. IMHO they are even better live than on cd.
  • After hearing Glory Hope Mountain, I still hold that the Tin Fist EP is the best! And GHM was pretty good. ;D
  • I'd like to listen to you guys but there are no full tracks, come on!
  • First heard them on Marc Riley's 6music show, and have picked up the Glory Hope Mountain record, which I love. I feel it's going to be the soundtrack of my summer!
  • Best song? Yer My Byatch, hands down...
  • Bought their album at Elbow's Plymouth show where they were supporting. Top stuff. Really diverse warm, woody sound
  • Echo that @papalamour.. And Rolf even recorded a special message for peace with us. Charming guys. Peace, see you in Liverpool in May for Sound City x
  • They supported elbow in llandudno last night.. Walked in expecting the usual support band... they were brilliant, really really exceptional act.


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