• Song Of The Day - 22 Nov 2008: Hang Tough (AotY 1989)

    1 Dic 2008, 3:24 de sablespecter

    Tesla / Hang Tough / The Great Radio Controversy (1) / Feb 1989

    sablespecter's Album of the Year for 1989 (RDF: 96%)

    Album of the Year easily! Though Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) scored just a pink dot, there are nine infrared dots on this album. Today's selection got me through some tough times this year, and I listened to this more than any other album while on the road. It's my favorite Tesla album and has remained often-played over the last 20 years. This is not hooks-by-numbers as so many other albums were at the time. They have a bluesy, darker feel to their music, and the piercing twin-guitar attack of Tommy Skeoch and Frank Hannon should make it obvious - OBVIOUS - that Tesla were never a hair band. Despite all the airplay of Love Song. I even accepted that since it brought them the attention and success that I thought they deserved with the first album.

    Rounding out the Top Five of 1989 (in order of descending RDF):